Stratagemini is recruiting! 500 gold per level! No GW but all the goodies! [28/30]

You want the good side of GOW: tasks and having fun playing the game?

You love the game but want to take a backseat? But no completely sure about leaving top guild action?

Stratagemini is for you!

We’re the sister guild of stratagem and all we ask for is 500 gold per level and 1200 seals (to make sure you’re active).
And best of all, if you feel like getting back into GW action, Stratagem is just one click away where you can go back to GW action.

All tasks, 40K seals and quite a few LTs are yours for the taking!

Questions, remarks feel free to write in that topic or to contact by PM.

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Hi there,

We are still looking for veterans, come join us, one spot available !

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Hi, we are 29 players, waiting for you, join our guild now !
Requirements are very low, we hit 40000 seals and we are doing many tasks !
See you soon

Hello !
We are looking for a player.
We hit the 40k seals and we achieve all the tasks, we are waiting for you !

Hello,No, GW is optional, some of us are playing GW because we are in a very weak bracket and daily visctories provide us easy seals for all the members.

Hello everyone.
We are looking for a new member.
We actually reach the 40 k seals and we did 6 LT this week.
We are waiting for you !
Low requirements for good rewards, don’t hesitate !

Full again!

Full again!


Full again!

2 spots available! Come and enjoy the game with us!