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Strange behavior of 4x matches on first turn

Platform, device version and operating system
Windows 10 x64

Screenshot or image
Not needed

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Sometimes computer react strange on first turn 4x-match. Maybe it connected to amount of time after turn start - all such things happened when I noticed 4x immediately after game start and activated it right when could.

In most noticed cases I make 4-match, and computer moves anyway… abandoning move right in the middle. Looks very strange.

And sometimes (as today) it not abandons it, but moving regardless my 4x.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Well, I don’t often react fast, and with 4x. But in that case it’s quite often. Started after previous big update, I believe (not last, with powering weapons, but another, before it.) Pets maybe? Or maybe even earlier, but not much - I notice it last month, maybe two.

Steps to make it happen again

  • Start new game.
  • Make 4-match right after animation finished.
  • See as AI ignores it.

This happens to me as well. Posted about it in the Known Issues thread.


For a workaround and fix information.

Did this happen at the start of a match or during a match?
If it happened at the start, please try waiting for all the trait animations on the enemy and your team to finish.
Were you matching Doomskulls?
Any screenshots or videos you have?

Only at start.

Well, aren’t my turns blocked until animation finish? Doesn’t work then. Or, if it is the reason, blocked not enough. :slight_smile:
Again: in most cases AI didn’t receive wrong turn - it only starts it, but not finish.

Oh! Interesting question. I’ll check it.

Screenshot will not work in that case, and I don’t write video often enough, sorry.

Not quite, it’s possible to make a move within a few miliseconds of this finishing - try waiting a bit longer at the start and see if this prevents the issue.

Either way, this particular problem is fixed in 3.6 :slight_smile:

Also, happy :cake: day!

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It wasn’t fixed, sorry.

Today I was in haste, catching a pet. Experienced it twice for 8 battles. And while first time was harmless (computer selected two gems, then abandoned it), second was double turn!

I mean, AI selected two different gems, in two separated parts of board, and made two matches. At once. And totally ignoring my 4x.

I seen last weird issue several times before too. But I didn’t connect it with this problem before. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately still hasn’t been fixed. Encountered it twice today and if you’re very unlucky the AI actually manages to do 2 seperate gem links, like it’s doing 2 turns at the same time.

Hi guys, “fixed in 3.6” is referring to the next update, we’re currently in 3.5. The issue that is fixed in 3.6 is missing the extra turns at the start of the game.

Do you have any videos of this occurring?
Were you matching doom-skulls before the AI took a turn?
Did you cast a spell with a troop that explodes or destroys Gems before you missed the turn?
Did it happen close to the beginning of the match, at the beginning of the match, or during the match (during being more than 3 turns into the game)?

[quote=“Cyrup, post:8, topic:41791, full:true”]
Hi guys, “fixed in 3.6” is referring to the next update, we’re currently in 3.5. The issue that is fixed in 3.6 is missing the extra turns at the start of the game.[/quote]
Aw. Sorry, I lost track then.

No, sorry. I don’t record video at all. Maybe Razsiel can…

I don’t remember. I’ll take attention next time.

No. Strictly “Premature start of the turn with manual match”.

Always at the very first turn.

Ah my bad, I thought we were in 3.6 already.

Sorry, no video recording

No, just regular gems

First turn in the match, sometimes a split second after the trait animation is finished, sometimes during (when the trait effects are fading. In rare cases I manage to do a 4 turn before that effect is still over, that’s when the AI sometimes (fairly rare) manages to get 2 simultaneous turns.

Hope this helps debugging for you guys

Okay, now I read this confirmation, I do not have to report it. I am getting used to not getting the extra turn after a match 4, specially during PvP / Guild Wars when I am at the brink of finishing and winning. But seeing - as described here - : AI selected two different gems, in two separated parts of board, and made two matches. At once. And totally ignoring my 4x was new to me. It was the first AI action of a cascade of 10 (ten!) turns during which the AI made 4x and 5x and removed three of my troops.
In this position of having no real change left of winning, the AI restricted itself to taking “stupid” matches, ignoring skull matches for itself and let me win. I was completely confused and doubted myself.

Another strange thing is when the AI makes a 3x (sometimes not even the same colour) and the empty mana is then filled completely (from none to 15). This happens often.

Sometimes after being frozen the AI acts as my troop still being frozen.

This can be cumulative effect of “critical” match+bonus mana from traits, actually.

Great - that particular issue is fixed in 3.6 (the next update) then :slight_smile:

From zero to 15 just by a match 3? Not possible according to the banner and readable traits. Please explain.
Most of the time it happens when not even one of the troops colours is matched; that is the turn following a mass cascade (5 or more 4x and 5x) by AI.

When 3 gems of different colours are matched by AI the result is always full mana (regardless the amount of mana starting by) and I am pretty sure its always the top troop.

As you told it trice already, you mean different in one trio? Or simply any 3 gems of one color? Sorry, I never observe first problem, and mana usually follows standard rules for me in second. But I didn’t dig it deep enough.