Stormheim Trials are SOMEHOW good

First time i saw team with idea, troops which don’t block each other on manacolor, and banner which color my troops have. Thanks


I can agree, Skyrmir (healer/barrier) and Hyndla (DPS/Summoner) are good picks for your team, well supported by Blue Mana generators, and the enemy team is dedicated entirely to DPS (no healers/summoners to deal with).

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They updated the team overnight - was a pretty difficult one before. As a I recall Storm Knight, Zephyros, Flame Maiden and Formorian

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Another Thank You Devs!

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On top of making the trials doable and actually quite fun while still challenging, this team actually taught players something about how this trial/team works.

Unlike the trial that said to lower enemy stats when you actually (painfully slowly) needed to buff your own stats to win…


Agree, seems that you can make the trial better with redesign of the troops


Still far from fun, but doable - even if I was relying on summoned troops in 3/5. :wink: