Stormheim blocked by Doomed weapon upgrade -- not acceptable

Now that Stormheim is 23 star, the next power star requires a Doomed weapon to be maxed.

Until I do that, I’m going to get useless Personalised Daily Offers for Ingots.

This is not an acceptable situation, either that we are still being shown useless Personalised Daily Offers, instead of offers that might actually me useful, nor that a Doomed weapon is required to be maxed.

Requiring a Doomed weapon to be maxed is equivalent to requiring an Event Pet to be maxed. We were told, a long time ago, that this would not happen. And regardless, it’s not a reasonable expectation on the player.

Please do something about this, sooner rather than later.


Prediction: “Working as intended”


They will see nothing wrong with this and this complaint will be ignored and then buried.

You can now forge all the scrolls you need very easily, especially since we’ve got an increased cursed gnomes rate just now that works so well. There’s definitely no issue at all. :clown_face:

And ingot offers are so super useful to anyone. :roll_eyes:

New players can’t afford them because they don’t have gems, and veterans don’t need them. But we like to fill up slots with useless stuff. We’re just saving you from spending too many gems, you see…



I can’t help trying.

Aren’t there 12 weapons in Stormheim? You only need to max out 10 of them.

I believe we’ve got kingdoms that require a cosmetic pest to be maxxed for progression. So this no longer seems to hold, either.


One of them is paywalled, so - 11 weapons.
9 normal, 2 doomed, so - one doomed weapon must be upgraded.


Been there, done that. I am always careful around power level 23. It is cursed.


I wouldn’t be too worried about it right now.

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Well, you’ll be getting ingot and event key personalized offers from now on unless you clear those two bottom tasks.


So ungrateful


Edit: /s, possibly poor taste

Anymore complaints and we will cut in half the cursed gnome drop rate. We won’t be rounding up either.

The last ToD event was granting Ice Forge Scrolls, just for Stormheim. You could spend some gemsand buy Scrolls to upgrade Stormheim weapons at least.

And also, there will be no more troops for Stormheim in near future, you do not need to worry about it right now. Then - who knows, maybe you’ll get a bunch of cursed stones and forge some Scrolls with them.

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Neither “option” is economical.

The first requires going back in time to buy scrolls, or waiting ages for the next available Ice Doom event.

The second wastes a very precious resource for broad-strokes kingdom progression (writs for Imperial Deeds) by spending it on a narrowly-focused, single-kingdom progress.


I did exactly that. I left myself enough Ice Forge Scrolls to fully upgrade one Doomed weapon, in case it becomes meta in Guild Wars. Now I no longer have enough to do that, for 6 months or so.

And I’m short on Gems for this week’s Tower.

Now imagine if you’ve been playing for just 2 years, instead of the 4.5 I have…