Stopped playing PS4 to avoid wrecked PS4 HD


After two more freezes in the middle of a gem match (grey screen, and had to hard reboot the PS4), I have stopped playing the PS4 version altogether, and I advice everyone else to do the same.

Eventually, this will wreck you HD and you will have to “at best” reformat, with the possibility of losing tons of data/save games (of all your games).

It might not hang as often as it used to (fixable by hitting PS button, and just rebooting the game).
But these freezes that hang your whole system are way way way worse.

And to the developers, this needs to be fixed, because you are ruining peoples consoles.

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Need to provide us with more detail on what you’ve been doing immediately before the hard freeze (type of spell casts and when and by whom, type of opponents, whether it took a long time to start the initial battle, did it take a long time to login that day, etc.).

I haven’t played Gems at all on the PS4 (although I do own a PS4 lol). But Sony’s version of games have tended to terminate gracelessly (badly) on a hard freeze and that was a function of the PlayStation O/S rather than the game itself.

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Hey @Mad_Butch,

Any information you could provide about these freezing would be appreciated. We have been attempting to fix as many issues as possible, but unfortunately some are hard to find (especially if you think of something working 99.99% of the time, but that means that 1/10,000 people will encounter this issue).

Also, @Theicla is correct with their description of how PlayStation 4 games break due to fault of the game. Generally, if you get a blue screen with an error code asking if you want to submit an error report, that is due to the fault of the game having a bug causing the game to crash. A system freeze on the other hand is generally a combination of faults, which can occur with a combination of factors. These include System OS faults, hardware faults (e.g. overheating), game faults, or any combination of these.


It was in the middle of a match, so I don’t have any more info. It happened two days in a row, plus it happens to my brother in law all the time as well. The system wasn’t hot at all, I did check that. And it doesn’t happen in any other games that I play.

and I wouldn’t mind helping you guys out, trying to hunt down what does it.
But not at the risk of losing my HD content. Sorry :frowning:

I’ve been having an issue lately on PS4 with leveling up troops under the troops tab. I level all the troops I can then go to battle and play the battle. I win the battle but the game freezes on the victory screen. It doesn’t show the rewards; however it awards the win and the traitstones but I have to close the application and restart the game to continue playing. Not sure if this is a known issue or not but it’s more prevalent since the console update.

@Linkpast95 You’re saying that you can create a reproducible bug, where first doing a Troop levelling and THEN doing a PvP battle always creates a hard freeze situation?

What happens when you go straight to a Battle immediately after doing daily login on PS4?

I’m on the XBox myself. @Alpheon Today, after logging in and attempting to claim Daily seals twice today, I generated a “There was a problem attempting to contact the server” error. This has already happened a couple times today.

So perhaps there may be another round of console server errors that started overnight… :persevere:

@Theicla Yes I can do this reproducible bug it happens when I go to “explore” battles. I don’t usually do PvP. If I play right after daily login there’s no issue. It just seems to happen after I’m leveling my troops; by leveling I mean not only raising their levels but sacrificing to get epic, legendary, ect… too. Hope that’s more specific :slight_smile: