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Stop stacking Traits from equal Troops!

In my opinion its just epic fail to let the Traits from equal Cards stack multiple times - who ever faced a 4x Famine Team knows what i mean…

It has totally broke the Game in my eyes - every turn you loose 12 Skill Points on your first card.
The Third Trait for Knight Coronet is NOT stacking too, so where is the point where the line is drawn?!?
Since the release of the new Mythics, i loose more and more the inention of plaing this game every day - before there release the game had some small problems, but since this point this game is truly broken…

its my opinion^^

On the Other side - when i use a double Maw Team, only one of the Maw’s can cast his Spell and the second one gets locked and is not able to cast his Spell. So why does a passive Trait stack multiple Times, when its not even possible to cast 2 different Maw Spells?!

Use a support troop?

Could also put a “throwaway” troop in the first slot and nuke them down with spell damage from slots 2-4.

This rant and opinion you have are showing the power of a mythic level troop. Aso i find this post humorous.


There is no doubt that a Mythic Troop has to be powerfull - but why does the power stack while other Traits DONT!

THAT is the fact i am talking about…

Actually other traits do stack. Trait stacking is not limited to mythics, those that affect mana stack as well.

You ever run double fully traited Moloch’s before? It’s fuu~uun!

because umm maw 1 shots a troop while traits slowly cripple in this case only the first card?:eyes:

also aren’t the traits bugged so they can not kill for the mythic?

Hmmm a 4x famine team sounds annoying but weak… Yes your first troop is getting debuffed a lot, but those high cost famines will never get to cast a spell…

I don’t see a problem with trait effects stacking like that at all… Functionally it makes sense, and the example you give sounds like an irksome gimmick but easy enough to beat…

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All traits stack when stacking is applicable.

When a trait only affects the traited troops, there’s nothing to stack, so obviously you don’t see any stacking, but every trait that affects other troops stacks just fine. There’s no such thing as a trait not activating because another identical trait already did.

Just to name a few: Blessed, Cursed, [type] Bond, [mana] Link, Necromancy, Jinx, Siege… All of these are ‘normal’ traits that stack. I don’t see why mythic traits should be an exception.

It’s quite hilarious that somebody using the most broken troop is complaining about other troops. :smiley: