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Stone shaker not doing bonus skull damage vs towers

Has anyone else noticed that sometimes the stone Shaker does not do the bonus damage with skulls? I first noticed this in the top level of where you’re fighting four different Towers. It didn’t do the bonus damage on the very first tower but did it on the other three. That battle I got some extra sigils so I figured that was somehow tied to it. Since that I’ve noticed it happening in other battles not always the first Tower and I haven’t gotten sigils each time

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Are you sure you were not fighting the tower that has 75% skull reduction?

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I am not. I’ll watch and see if it’s that when I have more sigils tomorrow. Thanks.

75% chance to dodge skull damage… right

No sir, 75% damage reduction. As in, if you have 100 atack, it will take 25 damage. Like Gorgotha.
More info here:

Here’s my detective guess since you said it worked for some towers but not all of them and you got some extra sigils:

We know that before 3.3, there was an issue where Valravens could replace the raid boss. The devs told us they fixed that, and it’s kind of a funny story.

We know that the fix was the underlying cause of “Valravens don’t appear in Invasions” and/or “Valravens don’t drop sigils in Invasions”, because that’s how we got the story.

We know that the fix involved, “Valravens won’t appear in the 4-tower fight, you will just automatically get the sigils.”

So my guess is the code to generate a Valraven has several disconnected phases. What’s happening is the code is removing the “Boss” aspect of a Tower, but other parts of the code are recognizing “Oh, I can’t replace a tower”. So you are fighting a non-Boss tower and the ability doesn’t apply.

See A Couple of Invasion Issues for information about the bug, the hasty fix that caused more bugs, and the hasty fix that probably caused this bug.

Maybe. One of the towers reducing damage by 75% is also a definite possibility though and I didn’t think to look for that.

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Oh. True. I didn’t even think to read their traits.

Or… It could be stunned…


I was looking now that you mentioned it and this is my second battle today, 1st troop too, so definitely possible. I think each battle the towers are just randomized.

Now that I’ve had more sigils and a chance to go back and check it out. The 75% damage reduction was definitely the problem. Thanks


I didn’t even realize this about Bastion Tower, so this thread did wonders for my strategy today.

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Always learning something new here aren’t we, I like all these threads ppl make, keep then coming!