Still no progress

Platform: PS4
Version: 5.4.0r26696
What/When happens: Each time trying to start the game, from time to time (5 out of 10) collecting tribute
What is expected: Fix the long time ago reported issue

Having same problem but mine was happing before update :frowning: tried eveything i can think of and nothing this need to be sorted asap

The worst thing is that it started to be really frustrating - any time I try to start GoW and 5 out of 10 times when collecting tributes.

And I guess that noone gives a damn as long as “you can still play the game”

Cheap AWS instances might be causing such issues, but it’s easier for them to blame your local environment, your ISP,etc. etc.

Please fill out the bug report template and include the device you play on.

Like it would help. The issue happens since 2019. it’s 2021 already.