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Still got treasure after Treasure Gnome got devoured by enemy troop?

Hi all,

Has anyone experienced the followng situation before:

I just had a battle with an enemy that had one Treasure Gnome.

Before I had the chance to kill it, that ‘Black Beast’ troop devoured it. I thought that was it for the treasure, so I was disappointed. However, when I did kill that Black Beast – thereby winning the battle – I discovered that I did win the treasure after all (it was 5 Diamonds).

So is it normal standard that even when the treasure Gnome gets devoured, we can still win the treasure?

This is the first time this has happened in my experience. I had the impression that I had to kill the Gnome directly myself (before he ‘got away’) in order to win the treasure.

It happened to me before. I believe the only way to miss the treasure is when the gnome manages to escape. Otherwise, anything that kills him will give you the reward.


Yeah it happens with Black Beast, Elspeth, Sacrifice, Sacrificial Priest…
Only if he cast and run away you don’t get the reward

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Great! Thanks for confirming that this is normal! I feel better now. I was worried about whether it was normal when I saw it get devoured, even though I was happy to see the 5 Diamond reward I received.

Knowing this now, regarding the Gnome escaping, I think it may actually be better after all if it gets devoured. At least I’d get more time to earn it since that devour troop stays there until the end of the battle and I have more time to kill that. :smile:

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