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STILL can't access the settings!

I’ve had to put up with this crap since the previous update. I was told nothing could be done but it would be “fixed” with 3.1. Well guess what, I’ve just downloaded the update and I still can’t access the settings, the menu button still doesn’t do anything!

Twice I asked about this issue and whether it could be changed manually on your end, or if I could get some confirmation on the fix. Twice I was ignored on here. I’m getting the feeling my issue was completely ignored and nothing was done about it. I’ve had to put up with regular speed whilst everyone else has had x4 for months, you better not tell me I’ve got to put up with this until the next update.

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I’ve passed this on to the console boys.

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Thank you.

Hey @Zach,

Apologies that you still can’t open the Settings Menu, Could you please provide any more information on what exactly happens when attempting to open the Settings?

Does nothing show up at all for the Settings Menu (e.g. does anything pop up at all? does nothing show up on screen and the game acts like no input has occurred?).

Also, what is your current Gamer Tag? You are welcome to PM me if you do not wish to share it publicly.

Nothing happens, nothing pops up. Just like you said, it’s as if there is no input. I also can’t retire from any battles, again no response from the menu button.

GT is AgentZachMorgan

Hey @Zach,

Could you try restarting the game and see if you can now open up the settings menu?

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Will do, I’m just redownloading the game, thought it might trigger something.

It’s finally working! Thank you so much, I appreciate the quick response.