Steel Drones rank 326 has openings, come grow with us!

Come join us in Steel Drones! We’re a newer guild (only been around 3 months, already rank 336) with a solid core of daily players looking to fill out the roster with new daily players who want to be part of growing a great guild!

What We Need: We’re looking for players who can donate 20k gold, get their 1500 seals and be active in the weekly guild events

What We Can Provide: As we’re still growing we currently typically finish 3-4 Tasks a week, occasionally getting legendaries. We get 25-30k seals a week, as a team we use orbs to bump up to 40k seals when possible. We’re glad to help you figure out effective teams/strategies for guild events, pvp, delves anything you might want help with.

You can contact me here or reach me on Xbox GT: teknic

Look forward to getting some great new players on board!

We currently have 4 spots to fill

We still have spots open!

so im trying to help find a better guild for them.they r interested joining if u have a spot monday. they r lvl 95 atm and the guild they r in atm only 4 r active w the guild leader mia