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Steam trading cards

So i am not really sure should i post this here or not, but here it goes…

I got all the in-game achievements and now i want to complete the lvl 5 badge for this game (maybe even foil one, who knows :wink: ) .

So if anyone has Steam trading cards for this game and doesnt need them, wants to trade them, or just give them away, post here or pm me so we sort something out :smiley: .

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bumping ? is it allowed? :smiley:

i saw this and like a necromancer i will try to revive it and hopefully it wont back fire.

It shows that the maker of the op hasn’t posted anything on here since Dec. 8th. I have several duplicate trading cards if you are wanting some.

same here can have mine. got lots but I never did the trade thing before, not to sure what they even good for

Same here, I have never tried to trade, but we can if ya want. I once traded in some of mine because i seen where they would give “gems” I was assuming that they meant gems for GoW, but it was steam gems slaps forehead

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yeah fairly worthless from what I seen except for a collection (collection of stuff with no value). explain how and I will give them all away :slight_smile:

I’m the same as everyone else. Don’t do anything with them and don’t have a need for them. Think I have 76 of them and they’re yours if you want.

Have you ever traded them with friends before? I see a “Looking to Trade” status update on my messenger, so I’m guessing that would have to be enabled.

I have never done anything with them so I’m not sure how it works. Do you think I need to enable that “Looking to Trade” as well? I will check the Steam site too.

What is your user name on Steam? We have to become “friends” to be able to trade. Mine is “MARKANDSENGA”.

Mine is the same as here, I’ll see if I can find ya.

“MARKANDSENGA” comes back as No user found.

You have a girl in a cowboy hat for an icon?

That user name is what shows when I open and log into steam. Maybe try my handle here. collectorofgems.

Free Steam trading cards? I’d be quite interested in that. :smirk:

IF anyone’s interested in giving theirs away, my steam account’s here: Steam Account

(You might also notice how many hours I’ve spent playing GoW. I know it ain’t much, I’m still working on it.)

I like how people leeched off my topic to get free steam cards. WP sir WP -.-

Lol, don’t worry, I’ve gotten nothing nor do I expect anything.
If anything it was an excuse to share my Steam profile. :stuck_out_tongue:

how dare you d that sir. i was called a no lifer for having 1000 hours of game play for having the game for 2 years.

You started the topic…what did you expect people to do, not respond?