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Steam Summer Sale Now Live!

Greetings, heroes of the realm!

We’re so excited to be a part of the Steam Summer Sale with the Demon Hunter Bundle and Starter Bundle. We know the Desdaemona troop was in high demand with all of you, so we made sure to get it on sale as soon as we could!

No? Oh. Well at least you get the full-price equivalent VIP points!
Real talk, we submitted these sales quite a while ago. We are looking into mixing it up in the future.

Check out the goodies within:

Demon Hunter Bundle, 75% Off:

‘Desdaemona’ Troop
10 Gem Keys
1,000 Souls

Starter Bundle, 50% Off:

10 Event Keys
20 Gem Keys
25 Glory Keys
30 Gold Keys
These scorching summer deals run until July 5th, so get 'em while they’re hot!

P.S. This is my maiden voyage posting to the Official News Channel! @awryan suggested I post this here so the world can know, but I am open to feedback if the feeling is that it’s better to keep platform-specific sales to their respective channels.



Any chance of doing a sale like this on Playstation anytime soon ?

We are always looking into persuading Sony to give us some love in their stores. We recently were able to get a bundle on PS+, which was wonderful! We want to give PS4 players the love we feel in our hearts, it just takes some of that good ol’ fashioned politicking with first party.


Both these packs are incredibly outdated and not worth their €.