Steam: Remove the Journey achievement

At this point, the Journey events happen maybe once a year, when the developers remember, that they exist. With even more new events like Holiday and Kingdom Reborn, it gets increasingly unlikely, that they do. At some point, they will be completely forgotten and there will be no more Journey events (and at least I will not miss them the slightest), so the Steam achievement becomes impossible.
Better pull it, before it becomes obvious.

Yes, I did unlock it this summer, and yes, I still find the requirements painfully high. Does not matter right now.


Just wait for the next kingdom release and a Journey Event most likely will return…

Or be solely respinsible for everyone crying out loud because of the cancelation of this achievement. I imagine many players exchanged gems just to get it. :wink:
I didn’t, I don’t care about steam achievements. But why make problems up out of literally nothing while we have so many true flaws in this game that don’t even get acknowledged or fixed?!

Plenty of other steam games also have “seasonal” achievements that can only be regularly unlocked maybe once a year or only during special themed limited time events that only rarely occur - maybe less than once a year.


If one believes the spoilers at places like Taransworld, we have a Journey Event coming up during Week 9 of the present campaign – one of the two new Zhul’kari troops that week is a Pathfinder.

It hasn’t been an “every campaign” thing, but the developers have been giving us a Journey event at least every other campaign since the thing started. And not necessarily tied to new kingdom releases, although that’s a common theme. It’s been a little more than a year since the first Journey event; in that time we’ve had three more with another one likely due early next month.

It’s not nearly so bad as TC claims.


On top of that the journey troop coming in a month is amazing…purple chalcedony for elf’s


Must have forgotten about the Ghulvania/Deathclaw journey. I could have bet, there had only been two.
Still, five to six months between the events without a real world reminder to schedule them like with holidays… I’m pretty worried, it will fall out of memory at some point.

P.S.: And is there really anybody, outside of development, who wants yet more kingdoms? “More content”?

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I like getting new kingdoms.

But I absolutely hate, hate, hate the kingdom pass. With a passion!