Steam doesn't support Firefox ? (purchase problem)

I tried to make a purchase yesterday and kept getting errors. I tried paypal, a debit card, and 3 credit cards, visa, mastercard, and discover. None worked, so I contacted steam.
Their response ? Use my native browser, which would be edge. I don’t use edge due to privacy concerns.
I’ve used Firefox for over 20 years and won’t switch.
I made purchases prior to yesterday, from firefox, without issue. And yes, I cleared cache, etc., even tried 2 different pcs and asked a friend who uses linux to try. It seems that the issue IS firefox.
I submitted a support ticket, but wanted to make a thread, in case others are having issues as well.

Yep, Valve/Steam is pushing its client even more for browsers based on Chrome recently. Others have reported, that, for example, videos from the client can no longer be opened through the Fox, but play in the internal browser. Bad luck for us as Firefox users.
Try to work directly through browser, where possible. For ingame purchases like this one, I suggest to put the money you need into your Steam wallet.

It’s all frustrating to no ends. I am dreading their “improvements”, and for the most part, I keep my client completely outdated by surpressing updates through launch command.
Next year, they’ll shut down Steam for Windows 7 and 8 users… :frowning:

I am using Opera as my secondary browser, as that feels like a relatively safe choice compared to Edge and Chrome. Maybe consider this one.

I’m a coder, open source, if Steam won’t work with Firefox, they will suffer. No edge, crappy chrome on Linux

Opera is not available on Linux. I tried it on Windows, same error. Opera, like Firefox, or Chrome, blocks sending user data. I think that’s the true issue

Thing is, paypal is a canadian company. Microsoft cannot include edge with Winddows on canadian pcs. 84% of canadians use firefox or ice weasel
505 gaming is in australia and italy, which also have restrictions concerning edge

Hey, sorry you’re having issues with Steam through firefox.

Which web browsers Steam supports isn’t something we at Gems of War have any influence over, we can only connect you to the store on your chosen platform when you choose to make a purchase from inside the game - after you hit the purchase button and any confirmation button in the GoW client, all your interactions with the purchase from that point on are handled by Steam.

Hopefully, once you let Steam Support know you wanted to continue using Firefox they were able to do some troubleshooting with you unless they outright don’t support Firefox at all.

If as many Canadians use Firefox as you mentioned there must be a workaround to this as not everyone will be using the Steam client.

I’m not sure how well this assists with your data privacy conerns, but if GooglePlay,the App Store, or Amazon handle data better than you feel Steam does, we have cross play with them so your purchases can be made there and be available on your PC too.

Best of luck getting the issue resolved!


I’m also a coder. Paypal is working with them.

Great suggestion about cross play.

I would not have thought of it.

Thank you.