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Status effects should have a set duration

Status effects should have a set duration and not just rng bs. They can last from one turn to 10. This makes no sense and no strategy whatsoever. All luck.

Why is this still such a thing?

Too much rng in this game.


I like this idea, to a degree. I prefer set effects that I can plan around, rather than dealing with the luck of the draw. I liked the suggestion in the Death Mark topic about guaranteed death after 2 turns, or 5 turns, w/e - then they can bring back Ishbaala’s cleanse :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :cry:.

Perhaps status effects could be modeled similarly to storms?


The duration could be modulated by the spell.
So a spell would say « freeze for 4 turns » and such.

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It could work to make proper reworks of some debuffs like Poison and Burning.

A design using different variations like Poison I Poison II and Poison III, for example, with different durations and damage dealt could also lead to changes on Cleanse I, II and III to reduce stronger effects into lesser ones or remove them right away.

The problem is how to give such effects a proper representation and countdown and effect information with the current visuals in the game. I doubt the devs will ever consider such things…


Definitely a tough challenge.

They just don’t. It’s not necessary. Just make it 3 rounds for example and consider keeping track of it a part of the players skill.
Making status effects have a fixed duration would be a huge tactical improvement for the game, esp. with the really dumb Hero talents applying them at start now and the duration doesn’t have to necessarily be visually spoonfed to players if that were indeed what keeps Devs from implementing it.

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A long time ago, when i wasn’t even totally sure about the devs hating Wild Plains so much, i made these as a suggestion for a change in Poison (making it a stats that would deal more damage as time went:

So, if anything the devs could try many things, but well they chose to do nothing or to be fair they didn’t decided on it yet. Still it’s tough because part of GoW charm is the simplicity present.

I disagree, mostly because having the information perfectly clear to the players is also important for strategy. Being able to keep track of effects without having to check them makes some players better at decision making situations with also faster wins. This is enough to differentiate players without an artificial complex barrier imposed on anyone.

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That’s more or less how I imagined the status effects, and I think a status effect counter would be the first QoL improvement requested if the change were made without it.

I am not opposed to making the duration visible, i just don’t think it is important. Making status effect durations fixed would be a huge improvement to the game even without it being visible, it being visible might improve it further but the important part is the fixed duration, and problems in making the duration visible should not stop the Devs from implementing fixed durations.

Things that are important regarding the design in general:

  • Consistent mechanics and balance.
  • Possibility for expansion and reutilization of the code.
  • Clear/consistent information.
  • Creativity/State of art.
  • Theme. (This one could be considered part of Mechanics and Creativity/State of Art.)

All these aspects, and some variations of them, are necessary for anything in this game or any other, the challenge is to balance them as better as the resources at hand allows.

Believe me, sometimes the total lack of dedication on one or more of those aspects crawls under my skin everytime i give it too much thought. But to be fair, this is not my game/job, for all its worth the devs don’t have to do squats about my opinion, or the opinion of others regardless of how much support it has.

These days i still only discuss or expose my opinion in the forums as a mental exercise, to keep my english sharp and to have some fun doing silly things more often than nothing. I don’t think there is much to be achieved with our input anymore.

I think there should be a new mechanic introduced into the game: Passing your turn.

Each time you pass your turn, one status effect is removed from each troop. Passing your turn resets gold and souls gained.