Status Effect on 4-5 Gem Matches?

Can I get a list of what troops will cause a status effect, random or focused, on 4 and 5 gem matches please? Like Jarl burns a random and Mab freezes a random. Thank you in advance.


Mab: Freeze
Jarl: Burn
Khorvash: Stun
Sylvannimora: Entangle
Venoxia: Poison

@htismage I am not seeing where your chart shows what effects occur.

Plus these if you count stat debuffs:

Moloch: -1 all enemies 1 random stat
Plague: -2 all enemies 1 random stat
DRACOS 1337: -2 magic from a random enemy

I know someone diseases and someone else webs too… but not sure who.

Nope, no Disease or Web on 4-5 gem matches yet.

Currently no troop has disease nor web on their 4x+ gem matches. Webspinner and Shadow Dragon can poison all and Plague can disease all, but their traits do not do the 4x+ status effects.

Web and disease are not on 4 and 5 matches yet.

Also, Celestasia has Barrier on 4+5 matches, and lots of people have the big/huge/immense effect where they get HP on 4+5 matches.

Click on the traits to see what they do. Unfortunately that list includes Big and Huge troops too, and to filter those out would mean also filtering out Jarl.

Jarl Firemantle - burns random enemy
Queen Mab - freeze random enemy
Venoxia - poison random enemy
Emperor Khorvash - stun random enemy
Sylvanimora - entangle first enemy

Other troops with traits triggered on 4 or 5 gem matches:
Moloch - all enemies loses 1 random skill
Plague - all enemies loses 2 random skill
DRACOS 1337 - decrease 2 magic on a random enemy

I think I’m too late but I’m gonna post it anyway. xD


Ok I must have been confused on what I saw.