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Status Effect Meaning

I won’t comment on the aesthetics of the new particle effects for statuses, or how they may or may not effect playability for some people.

There are three basic usability problems with the current status effects:

  • When multiple status effects are layered, it is very difficult to discern what specific status effects actually are in play
  • There is no way to determine the meaning of a particular particle effect. What are the little bubbles? What are the twirling circley things? The closest you can come is to inspect each enemy card spell and all its traits, and try to guess what thing that card could do, and if that seems to make sense for the particle effect.
  • Some status effects, especially when multiple ones are layered, make it much harder to see if the card is ready to cast its spell

It is frustrating making plays when there is a counter-effect in place, but you didn’t understand the graphic.

I suggest that when the card is highlighted or selected, a text popup shows the specific status effects and whether the spell is ready to cast. This will help players learn what the graphics mean, but also provide a completely clear way to check when unsure.

Thank you.


Yeah the new status effect graphics are horrific. Someone tell me wtf is going on here:image

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What’s going on here is an example of the community not being listened to.


Poison effect look like the troop is drunk lol

Wait… I thought the bubbles were from disease? Granted, I didn’t play much since particles happened, but I still somehow get through my guild wars and I’m so very sure that Venbarak causes bubbles, meaning disease… or… am I dumb?

Poison is bubbles! Disease is a messy brown er, mess?

I, uh, see (or more like I don’t, lol. This mess with red-green-blindness combined is… not fun). Thanks for letting me know! I obviously can’t even tell the most simple status effects anymore. Shows how well this game is playable right now for me.

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I sympathize, I still love the game but can’t imagine how bad it is for some people.

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You’re not alone. My sight is fine, but it still took me a few matches to figure out why Psion was blowing bubbles…

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Didn’t Michael Jackson used to do that?

I don’t even want to know what you mean by that…

Edit: I just figured out what you meant and it was even worse than i imagined.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: lol

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