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Starting my own guild

So I have 2 psn accounts a Thai and a US. I am in guilds in my Thai account but now want to make my own guild on my US account. My psn name is hiddendeath2558. Or can leave yours. I want to just have a fun and relaxed guild where everyone helps to build the stronghold as well as if someone needs help that people will help out. I will be getting on later today. I am in thailand at this time for the record and making a new charater to fit the guild name i will give my guild. Hope to find people to start and make my guild with tomorrow. Oh 1 more thing. I will be looking to eventually have a second guild leader for when im not on or taking a break to help others as well as to make sure goals are being set and progress is being made in the stronghold building. Main focus for them would be ensuring the continueal growing of the stronghold. Also will be working with all active guild members to help make sure that its a fun and enjoyable guild to be part of. So adjustments and other things will happen as needed to make sure everyone is having a great expierence.