Stars on Kingdoms

Is there an easy way to see which kingdom you have the most stars on? Or do you literally have to click on each one and look it up?

The stars should show above the kingdom power bar and the kingdom level on the world map. Is that what you meant?


If you haven’t tried out @Lyya’s my collection page - it contains a section to see all your kingdoms and how far before they go up another level. I’ve been using it to invest in Kingdoms that are close enough to get to the next level with a few leveling of some troops.

IT is definitely a big help


This is awesome thanks! But where does it show the kingdoms power level?

You should see a sidebar on the right that shows a traitstone and kindom tab.

Edit: You may need to check “checklist” to see it.

I clicked kingdoms at the time and then “as a table”, after that I don’t see a kingdom tab but I do see the traitstone section.

Hmm… sounds like you are clicking “Kingdoms” on the very top header bar. That is different. The Kingdom I’m talking about is only on the collection page.

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Yeah nvm, you have to click on your name and then click on “my collection” then it is on a side bar to the right.

This is really helpful though, so thanks guys for sharing this :slight_smile:


It’s in the upper right corner of the TROOPS section in My Collection. Here’s an out-of-date screenie:

Once you log into My Collection (see where it says taisiakat on the picture) one the right is Traitstones and Kingdoms - Click on Kingdoms