Starry pets

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I put this under bugs since I don’t know in which other category to put it
Question: Why doesn’t the starry pet bonus show up in the bonus tab of the team?
Is the bonus even rewarded?

Because the numbers get added to already existing kingdom pet bonus tab - it does not get displayed in a separate tab.

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The interaction with starry pets and their related kingdom team bonus pet is much like another interaction in the game that has not been “fixed.”

The elemental pets, magmapillar and moist owlette give bonus stats to elementals that overlap. But when you look under the bonus tab for having at least 2 elementals, only magmapillar’s bonuses will show up! (I know the game doubles magmapillar’s bonuses, but it would be better just to show the 2 different pets to avoid confusion)

I really wish I could see my little Hootey! (He’s probably very lonely and wants to play with his friends):joy:

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