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I went and saw the VIII episode of my favorite movie franchise last night!!!
It was EPIC!
As the title suggests, I will not reveal any spoilers, and I ask anybody that post below to please adhere to the same kindness.

My opinion: SEE IT! YESTERDAY!! This is without a doubt the funniest Star Wars movie ever made. And I don’t mean it tries too hard but pulls it off. Which would apply to the Prequels… if they actually pulled it off… :frowning: This movie is filled with genuine belly laugh moments that naturally occur without any silly Gungan, or forced, pardon the pun, dialogue.

It has laughs, it has action, and it has plot twists and surprises that will leave you stunned. If you are a fan of the franchise it is a must, but if you are a fan of GOOD CINEMA, then this needs to rise to the top of your list. Rian Johnson, writer and director, is a name that was not on my radar before this, but he has done an amazing job sculpting a tale that weaves perfectly into the Galaxy I love.

Feel free to share your spoiler free comments below!!




I thought you were talking about the new update

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Asha adjusts her Princess Leia buns.

I’m a huge Star Wars fangirl as well. I just watched the SW marathon on TNT, and plan to watch Episode 7 tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll brave the snow with my family to go see the new movie Sunday.

I’m so hype!



1977 - Definitely. Multiple times even – loved downtown theater first of it’s kind too.
How I remember the first time Fondly, and my friends in line…

2017 - We went today, I cried…many times over.
Cried for a time long ago when things were less complicated and less confusing.
Cried because my idols are getting old like myself
Cried…because of Carrie
Cried … because so much has happened and so much has changed.

For the Princess in all of us!


Great post @Taisiakat!

So true…

I did not get to see any of the originals in theatres as I was born in 81, however I have been to every release since then on opening night! Even when I had to skip school to make a midnight show and ended up on the front page of the paper!!!

There are not enough :heart: emojis to express my love for this franchise and what is has meant to me. And what these characters mean to me is being brought to the surface in a very real way with these new movies.



I was 21 in 1977. For an entire year, we saw Star Wars every Friday night at the theater where it was playing exclusively. So much a part of my youth.


And the imagination that went with this.

What is sad though is how bitter the reality is - no matter how much good you do,hope you have, there is always one more evil jerk in control. :frowning:

Btw, last month up here they had the original 4 5 and 6 in an epic back to back showing …with the restored footage cleaned up.

I didn’t get to go because, well I saw them in original footage in the theater…and didn’t feel like spending 50 for the evening… But I heard folks who never saw them in the theater were just amazed at that opening scene in 4 as I was a teen. Sat in the front row…did not know I was in for a treat then.

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I’m too young to have seen the original Star Wars in the theater. But, I really wish they would re-release the original in the the theater for a couple of days. It would be amazing to see it on the big screen.

Buy anywho, I just got back from seeing Last Jedi. We had a great time! I must say I wasn’t a fan of most of the prequels, and I found Episode 7 to be derivative and a bit lackluster. But, I truly enjoyed this last film. It felt like the original magic was back in a small way. I hope they can keep up the goodness in Episode 9.


A lot of people felt that way but I saw at more as paying homage to the original. Kind of a way of saying it is time to go back to what made this franchise great because they had it right in the 70s and 80s and we want that magic back!

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VII they felt the need to pay a lot of needless fan service. The long term fans wanted the characters they grew up with, and not the 4th wall breaking fan service. It was basically a filler movie to pass the baton.

The Last Jedi was pretty good. It was a big improvement, yet they forced some filler scenes and characters in to get the 2.5 hour mark.

My big negative is I don’t feel Adam Driver is 1/8 of the performance of David Prowse + James Earl Jones. So I don’t see Kylo every measuring up to Vader in the eyes of the original fans. His movements, just don’t convey the emotions he seems to be written to be showing. With that though, his performance in this was better than in VII.

Snoke is flat, and just doesn’t feel like Palpatine. So I don’t feel the tension and threat of the originals.

So enjoy it as a good movie, but don’t expect Empire.

I noticed that and appreciated it actually. It felt like Disney was trying to reassure the longtime fans that they heard and understood the feedback that Lucas didn’t care to hear. (Mad props to the non-CGI BB-8)
So, I gave them a small pass on it. :wink:

I agree on this wholeheartedly. And frankly, Dark Vader had better lines. More importantly, Vader had a more intimidating presence on the screen. Rylo comes across like a young, insecure Anykin. Of course, that is probably by design.

That said, it didn’t bother me as much in “Last Jedi”. I actually found the Rylo/Rey dynamic more interesting in this one. Frankly, I don’t want Luke versus Vader II anyway.

On a positive note, I absolutely loved everything about Mark Hamill’s performance in this movie! This is coming from a person that wasn’t a Luke fan. I really felt that Hamill gave the character a great deal of personality and depth. He was a standout for me in this one.


Total speculation here on my part but I don’t think that Kylo is meant to be another Vader. I see two possibilities here:

  1. Another redemption story and Ben Solo is saved.

Or (and what I hope we get to see)

  1. The total decimation of light from Ben and we get to see a persons true devolution into a complete Sith. In which case his transformation will make him completely different from the kylo ren we saw in 7 and 8.

See even Vader never truly gave him self over to the dark side, and maul was already a Sith, so we’ve never gotten to see the path to ultimate corruption. If they do go this path… it will be very ironic that it took Disney to make it happen. Lol


I miss R2D2


SO DO I!!!
I mean, I know he’s still there but I do not think that BB-8 has anywhere near the charm of R2…

Although he was a bit more… “charming” in this one then in VII

I’m seriously in love with R2-D2. He’s my overall favorite throughout the series. (I have him on my desk right now. :sweat_smile: )

But, BB-8 is growing on me after watching “Last Jedi”.


still early, will possibly go down to 7.5.Still a good rating for a space movie. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hated 90% of it.

It wasn’t “Matrix 2” level disappointment but it wasn’t far off.

Luke’s scenes were great - everything else just seemed horrible. Characters doing stupid things for stupid reasons. One major character had nothing to do with the plot so they just shoe-horned a meaningless side mission into it just to give them something to do.

Compare the end of Empire to the end of this one - Empire made you go “WOW, I need to see the next one RIGHT NOW.” Last Jedi just ended with me thinking “I suppose I’ll go see the next one when it comes out but I’m not that bothered”.

I really don’t understand the critical acclaim this is getting.

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Ive only heard great things about this movie, so you must be one of the few who doesnt like it :wink:

@DonutTrump @Eika

If Donut couldn’t disconnect from all the extra padding, and forced scenes for the 3D effects, and just look at the core movie, then it’s pretty bad.

I had a lot of “This is no Wedge Antillies, No Gold/Red/Rogue/Blue Squadron, etc.,” moments, no matter how much they tried to force it. Should have just killed off that “main” and replaced him with someone new.

I really can’t say much more without throwing in too many spoilers for those who haven’t yet gotten to see it.

Also much depends on the expectations one have to a new Star Wars movie. Most of us have seen most of the things before: effects, stories, twists, dilemmas, characters, personalities etc, so it comes pretty much down to the actors and their brute performance, and the little new oil added to its story. Ive heard Mark Hamill was great in this movie, so cant wait to watch it.