::star: 😸 😸 [Recruitment] Polish Players Guild 😸😸 ::star:

Welcome cordially :smile_cat:

We are a newly created guild. We set up a guild with my wife for a fun time, a nice atmosphere.
We have gained experience in various powerful guilds and for the moment we can pass this knowledge on to players who are starting a game or just need advice.
I am 1041 lvl
Wife 560 lvl
There is no pressure , so far we are not playing guild war and over time it will depend on common discussions on the subject.
We do not have any exorbitant requirements, and actually any. Each player contributes to the guild as much as possible, first counts to make their own kingdoms at 10lvl.
For communication we use guild chat in the game but if someone has and wants to use Discorda then we can make a guild server.
We ask you to provide your invitation code.
If there are any questions then go ahead
Everyone is welcome regardless of lvl
As if someone wanted to talk to us in the game we are on channel 003

We cordially invite you :smile_cat:

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Szacun za twój level, Arcardelius :wink:

Dzięki bardzo i pozdrawiam :grinning:
Wkradł sie mały chochlik ale już poprawione :rofl:

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