Stages to get the Hoard Mimic & it's probability

I’ve been tracking my data on this blasted achievement as well, not sure how updated your guys’ numbers are but I’d be glad to post my data here if it helps at all (I’m on Xbox - not that it matters).

Don’t bother yourself, @Xandler now the mythic is totally useless and not worth grinding for after they nerfed it.

It is only for collecting purpose. Nothing more.

Indeed the compounded probability of that Hoard Mimic drop is super grindy, but it’s also comparable to the Mythic drop rate from several chest types, so…

Funny thing, literally my first Mythic Boss Explore run after the 6.2 update was a Mimic battle. I didn’t expect them to be Lv.150 (i.e. didn’t use my A-team) but somehow I survived.