Staff of Madness Doesn't Steal Stats on Kill

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Sometimes it doesn’t steal from the dying troop, sometimes it doesn’t steal from any of them. I expected it to at least steal from the survivors.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Use Staff of Madness. Check stats in advance, aim to kill, check stats afterwards. It doesn’t behave consistently so a few tries are needed.
I’m running it with the Sorceror class with the +2 Magic perk, and Magic Link traited, if that helps at all.

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OK, now it just managed to not steal any stats… regardless.

No boosted stats here.

My guess is the wiffs are the staff stealing armor. Even with no armor left on any of the opposing troops the staff will still have armor on its table.

But my hero doesn’t have any increased armor, or play an animation suggesting it does.

In the case of armor that is correct, if there is no armor to steal no graphic generates and your armor does not go up. I cannot speak to the OP but I could go digging in the history for the post were @Nimhain goes over armor and the staff.

Oh that’s a point. Randomizes to armor but doesn’t find any to steal. Duh.

In fact that probably explains the other inconsistencies. Hm.