Spooky imp mythic

I bought him from the store with glory and updated him to mythic and now when I use his special he crashes my game. Sucks cuz I friggin love that card! Are they going to update the game? Does anyone know a way that I can get a hold of the tech team? I put a lot of money in to not be able to use him!! I would like to have an update or some sort of refund! Thanks :slight_smile:

They seriously need to fix their game. I defeated the Blackhawk Kingdom and Lil Johnny Bronze didn’t unlock for me, I’m PISSED! LOL

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There is a known issue with Transform not working correctly in Quests, Explore or Challenges. We have a fix coming in the next update (Unfortunately we couldn’t include it in the hot fix that went out recently).

He should work fine if you use in him PVP.