Spooky Imp Crashes Game

When I use the Spooky Imp he crashes the game. I have him at Legendary. Is this a known bug?


Where did you encounter him? In an Explore Battle?

He was on my team and I was in the Drifting Sands quest, the last battle of it.

I bought him with glory and made him mythic now can’t use him and spent all my glory and souls to make him mythic and every time infuse him he crashes my game. I’m on a PS4 in the us what about you?

I am in the US. I have seen other postings where people made him Mythic and they too have the game crash. For me he is only Legendary. Clearly a problemessage.

Devs, any ideas?

The transformation spell is broken on consoles, this bug also affects Baby Dragon, everytime his spell is cast, the game crashes & obviously throws me back to the dashboard.
Until the transformation spell is fixed, if you play on Xbox One or PS4, DO NOT USE Baby Dragon or Spooky Imp unless you wanna crash the game.

Hey @Gemgirl and @Lolalovelocs,

We believe that the Spooky Imp has the same issue as the Baby Dragon with the Transform part of his spell. This should only be occurring in Quest, Explore and Challenge battles, but should not affect using Spooky Imp in PvP.

As ColonielZoland88 mentioned, unfortunately all Transform spells currently break the game when used on the opponent team outside of PvP or Arena. This will be fixed in the next version.


Thanks GoldPhoenix and ColonielZoland88 for the updates.

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