SPOILER ALERT ---- Is This Mr. Death ? Wu@Haaaaaaaa


Cant wait to call on Mr. Death .


Even within a spoiler thread, it’s best to put spoiler information into tags.

Yes, that art has been available to snoop at for a couple weeks now I believe.


Please explain Miss @Lyya


Around your image, add:



EDIT: I got sniped by Lyya. :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL thats not it


There’s a slash in the close-tag. You might also need a space before the open-tag.

[spoiler] ZOMG Samus is a girl!
<img src="/uploads/gemsofwar/original/2X/e/ebf568eb39abc33dfa85d264eb3af9b6c89e156b.png" width="350" height="303"> [/spoiler]


ZOMG Samus is a girl!


OK i did it wrong lol .
Quote me show how
[.<img src="/uploads/gemsofwar/original/2X/4/49658fc5b52e34bd4554070beebb2586d4a915d0.png" width=“500” height=“500”]


See my previous post.


TY i wounder how that was done . sry took a min :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait what? Samus was a girl? How could you spoil that?


Friggin’ spoiler tags, dude.


Samus would be a nice troop. Plenty of characters from other games/films would slide in perfectly


You mean Space Bounty Hunter, part of the new Branstar Kingdom! Mortal enemy to the Alien Pirates and their boss, Raidly. And don’t forget the mastermind behind them, Father Brain!


he is note death, he is a bubble maker


Can we get a character like bayonetta? Would be awesome. Nice anti divine troop considering her abilities.


I KNOW! That’s like spoiling The princess is in another castle every time until world 8!


Looking at the other Horsemen, it seems as though we will be seeing Death with Fire, Wind and Magic. If this is the case, he should be using either Arcane Storm, Dark or Plains.
As War used Fire as its main mana, taking Arcane Blood and Lava, I can only assume that ‘Death’ will have either Wind or Magic as its main mana colour. depending on this, there’s a good chance that the combination won’t be Arcane Storm with Dark, but instead either Storm with Plains OR Dark with Plains.

Does anyone know what the main mana for ‘Death’ will be?

As a side note, taking guesses that he will cast Deathmark on all foes or in the least, cast it randomly on a 4+ match. Seeing this spell has just had a bit of a buff, that’s pretty scary…


So his spell was actually leaked at one point:

When his spell was leaked it was in fact cast deathmark on all foes, i forget what else it did.

However Death was/is still being developed at that time so nothing is final.