SPOILER ALERT: Dirt Devil gets buffed in 2.0!

Don’t read any further if you don’t want to know…

I mean really…

OK, as long as you’re sure…

DD’s third trait will be changed to Suction: On any skull match, steal all enemy mana for your troops.

Also, DD drop rate will be changed to Legendary. Players will be given the option to refund all pre-existing DD’s or to continue to ascend them normally with a reduced drop rate.

EDIT: Spring Imp hacked my forum account and made this post. He really really really needs a nerf.


This has become a meme and for that i thank you @Sirrian

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Spring Imp is a she… Beyond any doubt given the tortuous debate on her artwork on the other thread…


Word has it he hacked his artwork. Pretending to be female seems to be quite an Internet trend.

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In Tailand, it’s more than a trend. It’s culture

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Spring imp is a catfish?