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I haven’t thought what to combo her with yet but the last traits looks sweet :heart_eyes:

I’m interested, but want to see her in a team context.

“50% chance at the start of my turn” to “a random enemy” is a very chaotic trigger. When people were excited about Titania, she was on Yao Guai and/or Ubastet teams that aimed to win in 5 or 6 turns. In that scenario the entire team is almost guaranteed to be FF. Slot Starflower into it and you expect between 2 and 3 enemies to get FF, not necessarily the ones YG will hit every time. Keep in mind “a random enemy” can mean “the same enemy 4 times in a row”.

Starflower needs more than 8 turns before you could with perfect luck FF the enemy team, and probably you’ll average 2 by then. 8 turns is a long time to hit pay dirt in this meta.

“On 4/5 match” would be a much stronger trigger. Is the difference enough to make Starflower weak? I don’t know. It’s going to depend on the teams.

Those traits look comparatively bad to use, and they are, but they do a lot more on defense.

Still not impressed by them though.

Quibble: 8 turns with perfectly average luck. 4 turns with perfectly good luck. Never with perfectly bad luck (I also foresee a forums thread popping up in that case).

Actually you can get one turn with no luck at all and still get 50 extra turns if you keep looping. Which is why Titania is Queen and Starflower isn’t.

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Over all, I think 50% chance to inflict Faerie Fire is an acceptable (not the strongest, and not meta) trait in terms of power/usefulness. Faerie Fire is one of the few statuses I’d say is acceptable to be inflicted like this as a legendary trait. Something like, say, burning, would be far too weak, so its a good thing we don’t have that as a legendary trait. Things like silence or freeze would be far too obnoxious.

Her kit also has a random forced transform, something that can lend to stalling, but her spell is also full AoE, which is something that both synergies poorly with AoE (can we stop doing this please?). Her damage is pretty low without fey on your team, but is decent with one or two anywhere in the battle and she has Arcane. Since she always drops the turn and practically needs to to be used with full effect, she won’t be meta. Also, since when I actually play with the troop I highly prefer to use setups instead of sitting there letting the turn drop and/or stalling and purposely burning through turns, and a single random Faerie Fire is not strong enough to snowball into a win condition, I don’t expect to use her much either.

Keep in mind that inflicting any status effect refreshes the timer on them all. This might be part of the reason we don’t see 100% chance even on weaker/non disabling status effects.

Paradoxically, she looks like decent beginner legendary but will also be the hardest one in the game to pull yet on release, with this being the 4th event key pullable legendary in this kingdom, and the kingdom itself being filled with mostly mediocre/bad troops making a (knowledgeable) beginner not want to use event keys here.

So yeah, not so weak as to be completely unusable, but probably wont get used much because there are much better options for nearly every category she falls in to for anyone that has them.

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Phoenicia? Or are you saying that’s a mythic trait?

… so that means all kingdoms can have a 4th legendary AND the devs have not said anything about adding weight to new legendaries in event chests.

I can’t wait for people to defend this and say go craft it in the soul forge. The soul forge is the answer to all problems!

I wonder how many people will have to pull 1000 event keys (or more) to get one.

I talked myself into that math but I’m also keeping in mind FF has a cumulative 10% chance to be removed per turn, so by turn 8 the odds that your first target still has FF are fairly low, and that travels.

But that’s already too many words. She seems OK. There could be a team that makes her a threat. “Strictly worse Queen Titania” is still a pretty good troop, but keep in mind you’re losing a more repeatable FF and conditional free turns.

That’s still OK. An argument can be made that QT was too powerful. The problem is in a world that has QT, “a more sensible version of QT” is still a weaker troop than what is available. But I’m babbling.

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Ugh, you’re right about cleansing changing the odds. The easiest way would probably be a Monte Carlo approach, but I have no patience to do that myself and figure out the true odds.

@TheIdleOne If the odds of pulling the new legendary from an event key are 1 in 200 (a 2% chance of legendary distributed equally over four legendary troops), then 99.33% of people will have at least one copy before key number 1000. The formula is 1 - (1 - p)^1000, where p is the chance of getting the troop in a single attempt.

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So is everyone pretty jazzed for Gargantaur 2: Electric Boogaloo next week, or what?

i hate they are from the same kingdom and none of them are worth it.

4.4 sneak peak


This looks pretty terrible to me.

The people at the top won’t need the stats.

The people in the middle will mismanage sigils worse than they already do before they learn how to use them effectively (how many GMs have had to train their guildmates already?)

The people on the bottom mightget more juice out of their sigils, which is good.

This might also make high level delves more feasible during events, but only for those who spend a literal :poop:ton of gems (and, let’s be honest—most of the people already doing that are already getting the level 500 clear without “epic”, but maybe they’ll buy fewer Power potions because of this?)

Thanks for keeping the forum up-to-date with other social media though, @Neritar! I’m glad l’m not missing out just because l don’t have a Twitter.


I think its entirely unnecessary, but it obviously gives people another excuse to throw additional gems at the game. Therefore the publishers push for this kind of nonsense.

On the flip side, it does give us an avenue to burn through unwanted extra sigils. i.e. I usually buy up to tier 3 (for weapons) and we hit maximum prizes well in advance of me using up all of those. Let alone if I go to tier 6 for forge scrolls on ToD weeks, might only want to use half of those.

The devs don’t fear the reaper, but they fear the orcs. Not too long ago they made a balance change that caused them to later change how the game works. They say it’s not Rigged… But “combo breaker” literally rigs it so you don’t get too lucky with gem spawners. So since then, Orcs have suffered… especially the Mythic ones. Yes they gave us an Empowered skull spammer that’s an Orc. Out of the 700 Troops we have now…70 of them convert yellow to skulls? (I’m exaggerating) but clearly the Orc hate is strong and totally class less on their part.

(@KYLENATOR001 skip the short novel and go to the last line. You’re welcome. :wink:)


Of we hope the class is good, is that an orcwish?

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In an unrelated note, why doesn’t pride has a damage related trait? I think that would be fitting.

The issue is that the Orc class should basically be what Warlord is *. But Warlord can’t be an Orc because its the Broken Spire class where there aren’t any Orcs. And moving the very first class elsewhere has major repercussions for the New Player Experience.

*: Plus the fact that Titan is obviously the Giant class and Warlord is just a lame class that happens to be the only Giant you can’t get a Titan-granted 50% mana start on, which is part of why we want Warlord to be something else in the first place!

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Still waiting for the Warlord class to get changed to Elemental. Because there are a whole lot of Elemental troops in Broken Spire, Stormheim already allows us to be Giant and there is no kingdom left to ever have an Elemental hero otherwise.


Does this mean we’ll be able to spend our 3 daily delve sigils on one high level pure faction attempt?

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