(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


Or worse, emoji names.


As long as we don’t get a Gems of War Emoji movie…


Easy call… the poop emoji will be the most popular emoji by a long shot.


To the best of my knowledge, the chat system was completely rebuilt in 4.3 (long, long overdue), because reasons (which will likely either be mentioned on the dev Q&A stream or the 4.3 preview update).


Chat is being re-hauled for the 4.3 Update preview. We didn’t want to give you lots of new pretty things to play with if you couldn’t use them.


is there any possibility to see Eggsplosion as a purchase for Easter?


Glory or Forge it!!!


So 4.3 will also finally get rid of all those weapon upgrades that create/remove random gems? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Turns out this is one of the very rare times taran is incorrect


There was a content update downloaded in the last day or two - any significant changes in the data?


@noob, yes, spoilers are always subject to change. This data is pulled from game files and displayed (unedited) directly to the website.

@XLS78, you can see changes by going to Taransworld.com and clicking all the spoiler pages then click the “view change history” link.

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. Staying busy doing other things like this: GoW Utilities webpage


@Fourdottwoone you really took that and ran with it didn’t you?


Can’t help it Salty, those upgrades are goddamn awful.


Like I could resist such a perfect opportunity. :stuck_out_tongue:



Is that showing our total trophies for the week? It’s showing 2 with +1 in brackets plus it was only 15 points which is usually a 1 trophy battle.


Negative. It’s showing a real-time count of guild trophies. So, in that picture, the guild in question has a total of two lifetime trophies accumulated (including the +1 from the match just completed).


With the addition of Wood Rhynax on Friday, Forest of Thorns will become the first possible PL 15 kingdom on the game. I’m debating on whether to use my ascension orbs to get it there.


The allure of that extra 1000 gold per day is palpable!


Isn’t that the accumulated bonus just like the kingdom skill bonuses?
As big as it looks the additional gold would be only 400 since 600 is offered at power level 8? :thinking: