(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


Chief Dargon buff is much appreciated.

“Amanithrax” / Stonesong Eyrie troops are sneak peaks of Pan’s Vale troop changes.

City of Thieves 1 Spell
Deal [Magic + 9] scatter damage, and charm a random Enemy. If an Enemy dies, jumble all Enemy troops, and Charm again.

… lol

Drowned Sailor
Drenched Strike
Convert Yellow Gems to Blue. There is a 20% chance to Death Mark the last 2 Enemies, boosted by Gems converted. [1x]
Trait #3: Empowered
Start battles with full Mana.

as a delve troop…

The Maraji Queen
Cursed Waves
Curse all Enemies. Convert all Green Gems to Doomskulls.
Trait #3: Drowned Crew
All Elementals start battle with 50% Mana.

Well… another delve troop.

Crab Man
Trait #3: Aquatic
Sumberge myself when dealing Skull damage.


I see updated kingdoms page with coordinates of factions. Let me guess links:
Amanithrax - Khaziel
Stonesong Eyrie - Suncrest
City of Thieves - Leonis Empire


I’d go with Emperinazar on this one, due to a certain dragon living down there.


Dang, I’d been hoping the Godslayer next week would get a less controversial spell. Creating a mix of yellow and purple gems feels like a defeat waiting to happen at higher levels, when some focus damage on Zuul would be really helpful. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well, the only other link for Amanithrax is Glacial Peaks.


Couple troops in there who ought to be Epic and aren’t - Nyx/Florian clones (totally forgot those weren’t Epic, oops) and Mercy/Tai-Pan/etc clones. Ah well, they have time.

Amanithrax is definitely part or all of the Pan’s Vale rework.

A1 is Faunessa+
A2 is Bunni’Nog+
A3 is King Silenius+
A4 is The Wild Queen+

For #4 there, 22 is a hell of a lot more than 16…


But we already have a faction for Pan’s Vale.


It’s really kind of weird, it’s an almost exact copy of those troops, just with an improved spell effect. The “legendary” even uses the three mana colors of the mythic it was copied from. Maybe some very early faction template, just containing some placeholder troops for now? With some spell data from the pending Pan’s Vale rework mixed in?


They’re not new troops. They’re using the slot to put in data for their new versions of existing troops.


I normally post my spoiler breakdowns on Discord only, but I’m gonna try to start posting them here too!

Okay, so I haven’t the faintest clue where my writeup for January 23rd went, but it wasn’t too important anyway, since no troops gained a spell. But this time, they did, along with several new classes, new weapons, and new kingdoms.

Kingdom stuff!

  • Three Factions have been added. There are no names or kingdom associations but there are banners:
  • +2 Green / +1 Brown / -1 Red is an alternative to the Dark Pits banner for those who need Blue or want Green more than Brown.
  • +2 Purple / +1 Blue / -1 Yellow is an alternative to the Frozen banner for those who need Red or want Purple more than Blue.
  • +2 Brown / +1 Yellow / -1 Purple is an alternative to the Hall of Guardians banner for those that need Green or want Brown more than Yellow.
  • Am I dumb or is there STILL no ++Red/+Green OR ++Green/+Red banner? Stop making reduxes of existing banners just to make the colors on theme.

Now for Troops!

  • Overall, we did get some new spell stuff from the troops, but also some stuff that makes me think they were using random IDs to test stuff and accidentally let the leakers see it. I’d take a lot of this with a big pile of salt. Not literally though that’d taste awful.

  • Amanithrax seems by all accounts to be a faction, and the evidence points to Pan’s Vale.

  • The Rare deals damage equal to an enemy’s Attack, then gives allies (Magic + 1 + 1/3 of damage dealt) as Life. It has Empowered and Magic Link, which makes me think it’ll in back of the Faction team.

  • The Ultra-Rare is… Gob-Chomper for Knights? and it has Bunni’Nog’s unique trait? What is this faction?

  • The Epic deals splash damage to one enemy, boosted 6x by Wildfolk allies, steals 1 Magic from damaged enemies and Burns every enemy. And… it… has… King Silenus’ unique trait.

  • If you thought those two troops had weird traits, check out the Legendary. It literally has The Wild Queen’s spell and traits, except it creates a mix of 22 Skulls and Green gems, and even has three colors! Is this a test bed for a rework of Pan’s Vale or something? I’m really disoriented by this.

  • City of Thieves is probably a faction. My guess is Blackhawk, or maybe Zhul’Kari since Tyri is from there?

  • The faction troops are completely confusing me. Were they doing troop reworks behind the scenes and accidentally pushed them to production as distant-future troops? The Rare for City of Thieves is a buffed Imp of Love, trait and all! It deals more scatter damage, and the magic buff on death is replaced with a more interesting “Jumble all enemies and charm a random enemy.” Hopefully they figure out that Winter Imp is only good because it deals True Scatter Damage while they’re buffing the Primals.

  • The Ultra-Rare, Epic, and Legendary have no useful info.

  • Stonesong Eyrie is also probably a faction.

  • The Eyrie Rare steals 2 Armor, turns it into Magic, deals damage, then gains an extra turn. O… kay? that seems weak, even with 75% mana. We also know it’s a Wildfolk because it has Wildfolk Bond.

  • Now this gets more interesting, the Ultra-Rare deals Scatter Damage boosted 2:1 by enemy Armor, then steals some Magic. Since it’s not True Damage, it seems like it’ll be more of an annoyance to the enemy than anything, since it’s draining the thing it’s boosting by until it deals almost no damage, but no enemies actually die.

  • The Epic deals damage to the first 2 enemies, steals some Magic and Silences them. Definitely seeing a theme here, but the Silence is definitely nice.

  • The Legendary destroys a row and column, and deals (Magic + 6) damage to a randomly chosen enemy, boosted by Yellow Gems destroyed. Seems very nice for new players, but probably fares poorly in Delves where it’s meant to be used. Oddly enough, its unique trait is specified as immunity to Silence. Placeholder for a new mechanic?

  • Several other troops got new spells:

  • Crab Man deals damage and switches two Enemies. Eh, it’s a Rare, what can you expect.

  • Drowned Sailor converts Yellow to Blue, and has a (20% + 1% per gem converted) chance to Death Mark the last two enemies. It has Empowered and Deep Shield, implying it’s going to be added in a Delve. Certainly a better version of Scurvy Seadog, but I never saw that used, so who knows if people will jump on board?

  • Gluttony Beast creates a mix of Blue and Brown Gems equal to the current Blue and Brown Gems on the board. Probably sucks becaues it can replace existing Blues with Browns and vice versa, basically the reason Ice Troll is bad.

  • The Maraj Queen is a Legendary that curses all enemies, converts Green Gems to Doomskulls, and starts all elementals with 50% mana. The trait called Drowned Crew though, that seems off-theme. Maybe another placeholder. Anyway, it gains life from attacking Delves so it’s probably a Faction troop, and Doomskulls make it a very nice one at that.

  • Water Elemental deals AoE damge and stuns all enemies, and has Water Link and gains magic from attacking Delves. Quite a nice spell you have there.

  • Ba’el (the one that jumbles the enemy team) got a buff, increasing its damage and lowering its cost.

  • Bor’Gakk (the Grosh-Nak Godslayer) got a buff, increasing its boost ratio from 1 to 2.

  • The Fang Moor Legendary (from the faction coming out this weekend) got a buff, increasing the attack it gains, reducing mana cost, and replacing its 30% skull damage reduction with 50%. He’ll probably go first slot in the Faction team now for sure.

  • Fist of Zorn (the empowered skull creator) got a slight buff to the attack it grants to the first ally.

  • Hex Rat got a wording change and a magic buff.

  • Horned Asp got a wording change and a spell cost increase.

  • Horse Lord got a spell cost increase. No idea why, it’s just an Ultra-Rare.

  • King Avelorn (the Elf Lord) got a boost to its AoE damage boost ratio.

  • Vanya Soulmorn got her color changed from mono-Red to Yellow/Purple. I knew it was weird before.

  • Obsidius, Shade of Zorn, and Yggdrasil only got a rarity and spell name specified, but they’re known to be Mythics so that’s of note. Does this mean we’ll be getting new Mythics? Will they be associated with the underworld, or will each kingdom just be getting a second mythic?

  • Queen of Sin got moved to April release, TINA got moved to March,

  • Anu’s Priest, Arachnataur, Bat Lady, Black Unicorn, Bone Gnoll, Cursed Treasure, Darkstone Glory, Darkstone Legendary, Daughter of Ice, Dogbot, Drunk Dwarf, Dwarf Drill, Dwarven Anvil, Dwarven Cannon, Easter Tower, Harpy Eagle, Ice Phoenix, Leonis Empire General, Ogre Mage (spell called Broken Spire Glory Spell, haha), Ogre Warlord (Broken Spire Invasion spell), Pan’s Vale Glory, Pan’s Vale Legendary, Peacock Stryx, Racoon Pirate, Salty Wench, Selkie, Solar Faerie Dragon, Steampunk Gunner, Stegasaurus (dinosaurs!), Twin-Tailed Scorpion, and Zombie Horse all got rarities and mana colors, and no useful info in terms of traits and spells. Many got traits changed from “” to “None.” These changes appear to be partly the reason why this update was so massive but so unsubstantive.

  • Gluttony Beast, Racoon Pirate, and Salty Wench have hero class traits, assuming it’s a glitch or for testing.


  • Dwarven Dagger, Dwarven Shield, Feather Staff, Flame Stabber, Magic Tome, Mech Drill, Pirate Cutlass, and Solar shield were added with no spell descriptions. All Legendary, of course. As every new weapon seems to be.

  • Shield of Urskaya got a buff; it now gives an ally (Magic + 1 + (All Enemy Attack / 2)) Armor, then enrages and barriers them. Not too shabby, that’s like 60-70 armor. Pretty great for Tesla!

  • Life and Death got a mana cost of 14.

  • Bloodthirsty Axe got a mana cost of 14 as well.

  • A bunch of weapons got their affixes specified. For this, Taran’s World isn’t too readable (I need to figure out a suggestion to fix that), so I just looked each up manually, and specified interesting ones.

  • Bloodthirsty Axe, on cast, steals a bit of life and deals splash damage. Good against Barrier I guess?

  • Dancing Daggers, on cast, creates a Duststorm, which is pretty useful.

  • Essence of Evil, on cast, has a chance to summon a Quasit, and has TWO new affixes; one curses the first enemy and the other has a 10% chance to transform the first enemy into a Giant Toad. The weapon already explodes a large number of gems AND inflicts all negative status effects to one enemy, so a second instance of curse is just icing. I was expecting a Storm to be created on cast though.

  • Life and Death, on cast, enchants the caster, which is nice when wanting to cast again.

  • Pit Knife, on cast, Curses the first enemy.

  • Shield of Urskaya, on cast, Stuns the first enemy, gives barrier to the caster (on top of the barrier it gives to the target) and has a new affix Sacred that blesses the caster. The Shield actually seems pretty viable now!

That’s about it for the January 28th changes!


Rare: Satyr (gains Wildfolk mechanics)
Ultra Rare: Blade Dancer (1st trait changed from 2 atk in pvp to immune to silence, gains Wildfolk mechanics)
Epic: Satyr Musician (from 2 random to a predictable first 2 enemies)
Legendary: Elywn (boost ratio increased from 3 to 7)


Obsidius will be a new mythical troop in the realm of Dhark-Zum, the same rarity of Fallen Valdis? Does this indicate that in the future we will have two mythical troops by kingdoms? (not counting the Zuul’Goth in Darkstone, of course).



Zuul’Goth is from Karakoth, btw.


Yes, thank you for correcting me, I thought about the right realm and I wrote wrong referring to Zuul (many things in my mind at the same time causing bugs). Personally, I imagined some different idea instead of a mythical second in the realms, but it will be interesting to see how it will be in the future.


I know the devs don’t plan to do this, but l would have loved to see mythics added to factions if only for the options it would allow when trying to beat high level delves with the “faction team.”

I’d even still be happy if they made the drop rate even more ridiculously small for portals than it is for chests, since the troop pool from portals would still only have 5 troop possibilities, plus treasures. I know this would lead to frustration with people trying to get the mythic—but mythics are supposed to be rare, right? And there’s no reason these, too, couldn’t be added to the SoulForge eventually (and maybe in addition to the regular complement already scheduled, rather than making overworld mythics show up less often?)

By a similar token, l wish faction weapons could replace a troop and still count.

Still looking forward to Fang Moor dropping in a couple days, though! I wish Delving mechanics would improve, and that each faction had arcanes as final reward possibilities, but it’s still one of my favorite things to do in the game right now, despite my quibbles.



  • Potion of Enchantment
    Grant Enchant to all Troops at the start of battle.

  • Potion of Explosion
    Explode 4 random Gems at the start of battle.

  • Potion of Rejuvination
    All Troops heal 3 Damage every turn.

  • Potion of Armor
    All troop gain the Armored Trait (Reduce damage from Skulls by 25%).

  • Potion of Blessing
    Grant Bless to all Troops at the start of battle.

  • Potion of Shielding
    Grant Barrier to all Troops at the start of battle.

  • Potion of Power
    +7 to all Skills on all Troops.

Gems of Streaming

Potions? Wow, that’s something completely new. They are meant to use once before battle? Where do we get them?


Reworked Arena/PVP is my guess. We already have events every day except Monday, and there’s not a lot of space left on the Guild menu for a fifth weekly mode.


1.99 $ Each.


I’d imagine Potions are for Factions as the thing Sirrian wanted to implement but wasn’t able to from the get go.

This won’t be enough to make faction 500 possible in most places…