(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


Guessing it’s either
Master Alchemist and Sister of Shadows
Desert Merchant and Fire Dancer


I really doubt that its Desert Merchant and Fire Dancer this close to Voice of Orpheus being released. Having the event chest be able to pull the same mythic that is exclusive elsewhere? That would be interesting.

Part of me would be happy and sad if it was the Stormheim troops. Most of my event keys went towards Bright Forest =/


I just really hope we don’t get a new Legendary for a few weeks. New kingdom completely drained all my event keys.


Unless in Glory chests, which we haven’t had one for a while…


Or make them cost like 2000 or 4000 glory per unit, and still be available through event keys. I just shake in fear when they realese a 3rd legendary to a kingdom, can you guys imagine the fourth?


No sign of a Grosh-nak event in any of the spoiler data. It’s gunna take forever to mythic Sol’Zara. At least there are events planned for the other 2 troops they decided to just throw into chests.



I hate burning Diamonds on a Legendary it but I’m just waiting for Sol’Zara to pop in in the Forge.


I don’t have her at all. Grosh-Nak can’t hit 9* without at least another event and I probably won’t use her anyways, so she can just come eventually from spending keys during mythic exclusives.


Well I burned thousand and thousands of Keys getting VoO. ZERO Sol’Zara pulled who knows maybe she was never in the Chest pool on console anyhow.

I’m getting close to 100%, so burning a few diamonds won’t be the worst thing.


Someone in my guild has a mythic Sol’Zara on X1. I was amazed.


I have 3 copies, ps4 here.


me too

(10 characters)


Sorry, 4. Need two to mythic her.


When you get them, it will look like this:



mmm I have a different one


That would be because I have 2 and as far as I can tell, you only have one. Neener, neener neeeener! :smile:


Shocktopus next event make sense?


I really wish it will be in an event, im curious to see what story sirrian will choose :slight_smile:


Nice to see after more than three years here you are still as gracious as ever :kissing_heart:


when will we get more spoilers about 3.3? :sob: