(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


All i see it’s purpose is to create a summon.

… which you watch as it’s blown to pieces in the next turn.

Fun party troop :joy:


The upcoming Raksha Mythic… looks like I’m skipping him.

  1. This will be Pridelands’ 18th troop and you need 20 for 10 stars.
    Pridelands event was 8 weeks ago, next will not be in sight for at least 20 weeks.
    We already have 9 stars without this Mythic.
  2. 1 attack and 1 magic to all Raksha each turn? Can’t even think of any decent Raksha that could make use of magic buff unless they’re adding some in the future. Excluding himself, obviously. If you could get your hands on 4 Ubastets, then… Still not very promising, really.
    Champion Anu’s third trait looks much more likeable.
  3. Deal damage to 2 weakest enemies, and it’s lethal if one of them dies?
    I’m trying to find this troop impressive, but every time I look at him I only see Gargantuar 2.0

The only noteworthy thing about him is lethal damage, but it requires a lot of setup and kills the troop that is already weakened. They could make it better by rephrasing “to the weakest and strongest enemies”.

And maybe Firestorm on enemy death.

What does the community think of it? Is it really Gargantuar 2.0?


It will entirely depend on his boostratio, though my guess is he will hit really hard being boosted by all attack on the board.
Assuming a 4:1 boostratio he would hit for 50-60ish damage easily, meaning a single Shadow Hunter(plenty of other options for weakening that one troop though) cast would already bring a troop in killrange for Ubastet. So you’d have a really easy and manaefficient 1,2 cast to kill two troops. Sounds ok to me honestly.


Here’s the keywords to notice:

-> Divine
-> Boosted by all allies + enemy Attack, so scaling
-> 3rd trait buffs its skill and benefits the attack boost
-> Auto-targets the weakest enemies, great for AI defenses

Bonus points for having Yellow and Brown, which have Scorpius and Bard hero class available.

Its totally setup to be a pick off troop after a Ketras. Infernus, or Suna (coming soon) skill cast. Also works great if the enemy 1st slot troop gets hit by a few stray skulls, then gets picked off.

It used to have a 4 to 1 boost ratio which would have made it a really powerful double hit… I don’t know what 0.2 means, I’m guessing 5 to 1? Still a solid double hit.

I expect good things from this Mythic.

P.S. That change to the Orc trait makes Gargantaur very good first slot if you can heal it. Still not anywhere top tier, but not the worst anymore.


What change to the orc trait?


Prior to the change, they would only trigger when taking damage to life (I think - I never used orcs much…).


He looks like Wulfgarok but:

  • +lethal damage so no immunity
  • -don’t devour so no stat boost
  • +3rd trait better than a flat bonus at the start of the fight
  • -no impervious
  • +scale with Attack so he could be great versus high level AI


He also uses Yellow and Red, so he will gladly consume 24 yellows and reds from Divine Protector’s cast.


Shows how much i pay attention to these weekly event weapons. Thanks, totally misread Netwizard’s post.


Yeah they deserved to be ignored until the recent buff, now they seem to work quite well if you can post a good full team of the respective trooptype, which is easy for Divines.


Yeap, Divine Protector hits for 31 + 6*4 = 55 damage, instantly filling Ubastet, after that he hits for

(7 + 12 + 2) + 280 / 5 = 21 + 56 = 77 damage.
And don’t forget he gets 1 mana every turn.

This week is Divine buff though, so it won’t be 280 overall attack, but 255, so 25 attack = 5 damage less.

EDIT: And when Mang hits Raid Boss with 300 armor…
Nvm, you’re not allowed to use Ubastet unless it’s Pridelands event.


RIP Suna :slight_smile:


Is that a +3% with every gem transformed?
Big teeth trait sounds horrible as well.


The ratios work in the format of (condition : effect), so this would be 1% per 3 gems transformed.


Last minute change just came down for King Bloodhammer (and two other troops as well).



Bask is a very silly name for a spell. Unless she’s a lizard that sunbathes.


Bloodhammer will be less frustrating


Sunas 3rd trait, inferior to Titanias… meh.


Euh What… Faerie fire on red match is as easy to do than on 4-5 gem match


With a specific gameplan revolving around red gems yes absolutely, but 4-match traits are more universally useful and allow profiting from all kind of transformations/spawns not just reds, and Suna is Divine hint hint.