(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Anybody got the art for Bjorn McThundershield?

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Yeah I sort of thought that Bear art was in no way something called “Jotnar Stormshield”


Beargarok surely?


i could accept beargarok if they were twin brother beasts and no more of those

This thread is getting really hard to navigate.

Can we get a summary of upcoming Mythics? Thanks.

Future mythic details that I know of:

Jotnar Stormshield
Mythic Stormheim Divine/Giant
Spell: Thunder Javelin (22 Blue/Red/Yellow) - Deal [Magic+5] true damage to an enemy, boosted by allies with Barrier and Giant allies. [x5]
Traits: Giant Bond / Huge / Storm Shield (Give a random Ally a Barrier on 4 or 5 Gem matches.)
Flavor Text: He doth bestride the narrow world like a Colossus.
Requires Blood and Blade arcanes.
Will arrive in 8 days.

Ketras the Bull
Mythic Wild Plains Divine/Tauros
Spell: Blood Hunger (Brown/Green/Red ) - Deal 4 damage to an enemy, boosted by my Attack, Life and Armor. [2:1]
Traits: Tauros Bond / Armored / Raging Bull (Gain 2 Attack, Armor and Life when matching Red Gems.)
Flavor Text: Gives you wings…
Requires Forest and Beast arcanes.
Will arrive in 36 days.

Mythic Khaziel Divine/Dwarf
Spell: Ancient Wrath (Blue/Brown/Yellow ) - TBD
Traits: Thick Head / undefined / Unbreakable (Reduce damage from Skulls by 80%.)
Requires Shield and Mountain arcanes.
Will arrive in 71 days.


Unbreakable. Isn’t there a Bruce Willis movie by that name?
Would love to see the flavor text as a reference to that movie :grin:
Something about water… maybe.

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Of course it’s early draft - but that’s a pants idea for a trait - we already have 75% skull reduction, why do we need another ‘unique’ one at 80%? Then we can have more ‘uniques’ at 77% and 82% and so on… I assume that’s a placeholder and devs will get us something more interesting by then, especially on a Mythic…


i think 80% skull reduction +immunity to stun is fine combo worthy of a mythic and doesnt stand too similiar to gorgotha

id agree with you it is too similair if it didnt have the stun immu but with the immu its totally different depth

will gonna have to spell or devour it xD


Any artwork by chance? Thanks for posting.

No artwork in the game files for any of them. Jontar has the bear art associated with him, but Nimhain already said that’s the wrong artwork and not him.

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That’s a lot of Divine Mythics coming up.
Are they going to band together with Pharos-Ra and Gard’s Avatar to create the holy Pentagon and smite the four horsemen out of Krystara?


It makes sense for god-characters to be represented as mythics, so expect even more divine mythics, I guess.

Of the 7 gods of Krystara we already have Gard, and Stonehammer is coming. It would make sense to expect the others to follow - Anu, Yasmine, Morthani, Nysha and Orpheus (although Morthani is kind of already represented by Morthani’s Will).

Beside those we can expect various other ‘local’ gods such as Pan from Pan’s vale.


Where did you find this information?

You mean the names of the gods? Some of them are scattered around the quests’ text, but if you want a single source, here’s one I found:


Anu’s Scepter
Yasmine’s Bow and Chalice
Morthani’s Scythe
Nysha’s Skull
Orphus’s Discord
Gard’s Wall
The Stonehammer

Any of these sound familiar?

They all have hero weapons.

If you want to get into further references, Morthani’s Will, Gard’s Avatar, The Devoted (spell: Orpheus’s Will), and Emperor Khorvash (spell: Crown of Anu) all have references to these mythological figures. That’s just off the top of my head. There might be more.

Then there was the event, and I think now part of Khaziel’s quest, “Stonehammer’s Vault” where you fight Evolved Gorgotha


Nice list Kuro, thanks. How about this one: Happy birthday!


Thanks. Still another hour where I sit, but that’s no spoiler. But it does mean a lot. So, thanks again~



Oh snap!
And today I just learned M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie Split is the sequel to Unbreakable!
What a twist.
I gotta go see it now!