Spirit fox high level

Would it be possible to not put spirit fox in high level doom/tower/raid event ?
Floor 23 doom room, Level 360 spirit fox deals minimum 99 true damage (not counting the yellow gem buff), and with full mana at start, it 1 shots the most powerful troop in your team, even with full boon.
Astral spirit is another enemy troop that should be banned from making high level. However astral spirit is somehow manageable because it always hits first troop, so it is possible to rearrange your team beforehand.

And couldn’t find any troop that could counter with full mana at start, ie. with silence, or web or mana drain. Oh yes, spirit fox does, but it’s not choosable in current event…

I’m all for challenge, but that is just wrong.


Just use faunessa on this one.

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Oh you just wait until the Nature Tower becomes available.
You’ll get a Spirit Fox on every floor beyond 24 :joy:

Take it easy, these are the developers trolling the players. So, seems like a well thought out feature done on purpose IMHO. Which is kind of silly but still OK. I take it over some other form of heavy trolling.

Yeah… except these Tower of Doom sells sigils to play the game mode for gems which can be bought for real life currency.

Players are paying real money equivalent to get one shot by an opposition with very minimal defenses available.

That might work in a RPG, MMO, Shooter or other genres, but it doesn’t really work in a match 3 gem puzzle game.

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Those rewards should be hard to get. Makes them more valuable. At least in this case, you are paying for something that does not involve too much random and something you can actually see and accomplish with some persistence if you so desire. Now, buying keys is another story as this is purely gambling which by no means should be encouraged or promoted IMHO. Moreover, it is the worst form of gambling with unknown/undisclosed chances of winning/getting anything. All values that are kind of posted are either unofficial or acquired by the players through tests. That is not a good thing.

Just got Faunessa.
THanks for the tips :slight_smile: