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Spin Me Right ‘Round

The truly baffling part is that there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason in regards to their decisions. The power potions not working correctly after the recent update? They handled that very professionally, fast response, individual compensation that didn’t fall short, zero complaints. I just don’t understand why issues concerning their gashas always have to result in such a drama. Maybe they are required to file some legal forms whenever they admit to messing up in that area? Maybe whoever is calling the shots doesn’t understand anything about gasha probabilities? Beats me. It’s not like players are asking to be showered with freebies, they just want to receive what they are owed.


We now know that fraud is “working as intended.” I don’t know why anyone would financially support such a model. I know I will not, and will actively discourage anyone from doing the same.


This is a very good point; I wonder what’s going on behind the scenes…


I also don’t have a horse in this race, but with that said…

On what planet is it considered “special compensation” to require players to spend another extremely timegated resource in order to get an item they thought they could obtain through the GOTCHA system? A resource that I would hazard many of the affected players don’t have laying around?

This compensation is only valid if you send every affected player the requisite 2000 Diamonds. Otherwise it’s the equivalent of flipping them off.

Freaking THIS.

Who in their right mind asks people to pay in order to be compensated for theft?

“Because it didn’t affect me and/or I want $10 mythics so my collection stays complete/doesn’t fall further behind.” - spenders, probably?


Man, I really wish you’d quit saying this, as it’s absolutely a lie.

And why does the recipe require diamonds? Make it require Archproxy Ylendra, as anyone who got her via Event Chests could then elect to swap it for AW.

Garbage solution, all around. I also don’t have a dog in this fight, but over the course of this issue, my opinion on I+2 has gone from “occasionally competent” to “actively disingenuous”.


first of all, devs should pay you with real money now, cause they took your idea to make a compensation happen…and then they found a new way to cause a new rant.
i say it again: you will loose a lot of players because of the government restrictions in one specific country, do you really want to loose more players and even more important: loosing more payers?

Not quite sure in all honesty why Devs are still standing in this big hole they have dug.

The fact that droprates are still not shown is basically a terrible move, it’s something that’s come about because of this mistake by the devs, and needs to be resolved imho to restore player confidence.

We should be able to hover over applicable keys and it tell us what mythic is in the chests, and what the chances are of pulling one. That would be transparent.

Glory/Gem/Vip/Guild - All mythics in the chest, except the monthly mythic xxx - which will be in chests in xx days. Chance rate 1 key = xxx, 50 keys = xxx, 200 keys = xxx.

Mythic Week - Mythic xx only in same chests, same chance transparency.

Event chests - These Mythics can be found in chests - xxx, xxx etc. Chance rate 1 key = xxx, 50 keys = xxx, 200 keys = xxx.

The thing is first of all if that was done, it would stop any and all issues dead.

What is so hard about it being this way?

Secondly - and related to the above, where is the effort in this game at the moment. Players have been picking up issues and pointing them out, bugs, lack of data and so on. We have no community manager, we get limited data to work with, we seem to be get less and less each week, schedules are broken, we get no response on these issues. Surely it would make sense to deploy someone to promote the game to the players with sensible information/data/upcoming stuff. It can be done with a simple informative message to the forums.

Thirdly - what is going on with these heroic gems that are broken time and time again. I encountered the GaP bug with my first attempt? I got the potion bug on my second event. I have had the Doomskull extra turn bug, like this bug is how old? It’s come back again and it is a horrid, horrid bug that lets the AI keep the turn when it’s ours. Geez GW next week with broken doomskulls/ubers again. You removed Uber Doomskulls because you needed to fix them, but we have skull problems again.

The final thing I’m waiting for is - ‘We can’t fix the potion and doomskull/ubers bug until a client update’ - I mean they can’t say anything else, otherwise it would invalidate what they said about the potion bug between the last two patches…

It’s time to think like a business and basically operate like one - resolve the AW scenario in a good, amicable way that makes your customer base satisifed that their problem has been fixed. If it’s a bottom line decision - then consider a reasonable solution which should encourage players and regain confidence, over ’ we could get xxxx more income if they buy more event keys with legendary offers’…


Juggling words doesn’t disguise how poorly this has been handled.
SURE it probably worked as you intended- YOU JUST FORGOT TO TELL US WHAT THE INTENTION WAS. You want us to guess now how you intend things to be?

Seriously you are sinking your own ship. I for one am not spending any money to keep you floating and havn’t for some time. It is not that I don’t want to spend money on a game that is fun and fair… Gems of War is moving fast away from fun and fair…



Is it a coincidence that you used the name Kafka?

Kafkaesque - suggestive of Franz Kafka or his writings especially : having a nightmarishly complex, bizarre, or illogical quality Kafkaesque bureaucratic delays.

Literally IP2…


Yeah, “working as intended” is really slippery here: the problem folks had with this was that it was not working as described in the game’s own announcements.

The additional 2000-diamond cost is just plain insulting to those affected.


Would it make sense to do the report towards 505 games or Infinityplus2 or both?

Hey co-players. Please don’t attack the staff. They are just the middleman here. @Tabu I think that is out of line. The issue is very far from your comment.


never shoot the middlemen (and women) in a negotiation

You really think so? What isn’t nightmarishly complex, illogical, or bizarre?

Her laughing about people dying of covid surely was. You wont see those screen captures on this forum, she deleted them. But go ahead and tell me I’m out of line :ok_hand:

I never had a problem with her until she made those comments. After watching 2 people I know personally die of covid, its a tad annoying when some random person on their high horse tries to call it an attack.


You are out of line. While I don’t know the story involved, it doesn’t sound like the ongoing exchange here is a good place for it.


Then that should have been your hint to mind your business?

You judge me when you don’t know they story? Who is out of line?

Edit: sent you the screen shot in a pm. As you can see my comments are valid in context.

I do know the story. I remember it, and also found the comment gross. One of my employees made a similar comment, and both I and HR talked to him about it. I assume, and hope, that happened here as well.

Ultimately it is unrelated to this thread. If we want the AW issue fixed, we need to work with the devs.


@Tabu I sincerely apologize to hurt your feelings/ego. As @Snooj mention we need to work with them to fix AW issue.

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How is it that video game companies are saved from the rule “that the customer is always right?”

This isn’t just an Infinity Plus 2 or 505 Games issue but an issue with the industry as a whole.

It’s like our respected voices and currency has zero say in anything and that shit needs to stop…quickly.

Devs…I implore you to fix this Arachnaean Weaver issue for real before this mole becomes a massive civil rights movement.

You don’t want to be next on the cancel list.

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deleted several drafts here so I’ll just go brief instead: (a) “the customer is always right” is a bad rule that often leads to customers abusing retail employees and (b) consumer rights != civil rights.