Spin Me Right ‘Round

deleted several drafts here so I’ll just go brief instead: (a) “the customer is always right” is a bad rule that often leads to customers abusing retail employees and (b) consumer rights != civil rights.


I have never laughed about anyone dying of covid, and any light comment I made about Covid was at the very beginning of the pandemic, possibly before it was even labelled a pandemic. I have apologised to you in the past that my comment caused hurt/offence.

My own cousin has died of covid so I definitely do not take it lightly.

Melbourne has been locked down for over 250 days since the pandemic began. More than any other city in the world. As I write this we still have rules about why we can leave the house, how far we can travel and we have a curfew. It’s obviously not a laughing matter.

I’ve edited a comment that implied violence against IP2 staff, while I know it was metaphorical, you wouldn’t believe how seriously some people can take such suggestions.

If there’s any further references to violence against IP2 staff or our property I will be locking the thread.


There’s no need to personally attack individual staff members. Let’s keep this on topic.


… How much more time and energy is going to be wasted compared to mailing out Arachnaean Weaver to all players?

Wasn’t one of the points of moving to Unity years ago was to make things like gifts in mail easier to implement? But since then rewards are just stingier and stingier.

Of all the times the devs have franked up. I’ve never saw them be in so much denial. It’s borderline insanity.

Mail AW - do it as a gift so you don’t admit fault - so we all can move on. Jesus.


I am baffled by this too. I get the devs dont want to lose in this transaction. But, when a vendor messes up, the customer should not eat the loss. The loss is on the vendor.


Hi Snooj,

As the debate over this issue bled over into the PQ3 forums, Kafka posted on the topic there today. As I do not see a version of this response from her yet here, I’ll repost her statements here for this community.


Just providing a little context on this issue for PQ3 forum users, as well as the response that’s been provided to our Gems of War players. Also… a quick note that we don’t really support these types of cross posts, and in future we may delete them. In this instance though, we feel that a response (and locking the thread) is more appropriate.

The situation being discussed is that we released a new mythic troop into Gems of War. Mythic troops are exclusive to chests for a week (i.e. if you get a Mythic troop from a chest, and the new troop is available from that chest, you WILL always receive that troop. A small gray area existed with a chest type which is a weekly-kingdom chest. It only gives a subset of troops from a “weekly kingdom”. Most months, when we release a mythic troop, it cannot be in that chest, but in this case the Mythic Troop & the weekly kingdom chest lined up. This did not specifically get called out in a our standard news post - but in all fairness it did not NOT get called out either… in other words, we never gave confirmation that it WAS or WAS NOT in those chests.

A final note on this… The way this works was actually implemented as player feedback about 3 years ago.

Okay - that context out of the way. It appears that some players assumed it would work differently than it did, and spent keys trying to get a troop (Arachnaean Weaver) from the chest that was not available, and would like a refund.

Our response has been this:

  • If we had made a mistake and misled anybody we would certainly give a refund. We almost always do, and if it’s not possible to refund we will compensate in some other way
  • In this case the game was functioning as intended - indeed as players had requested it function.
  • Our news item, although missing a piece of information, was not incorrect in the information it provided
  • The in-game screens never gave any indication this troop, the Arachnaean Weaver, was available either
  • With that in mind, we do not believe that a refund is appropriate in this case
  • HOWEVER, we have notified all players that we will be putting Arachnaean Weaver into the Soulforge (our crafting system) at a highly discounted resource-cost for a couple of weeks, for anybody who wants to craft it.



Thanks @Lyrian! I hadn’t seen that because I don’t visit PQ3 forums.


Wait what?

The in game screens absolutely do indicate Arachnean Weaver would be available.

The in game post does not mention the new troop being exclusive in event chests as well. So it isn’t “missing an item” as Kafka says, this news item plus the help docs indicate Weaver should have been in the event chest.

So… Refund then?


Whew. @Kafka since the way things work in Gems of War boil down to how a minority requests the game function. We’re in luck.

I request that everyone who wasted event keys the first four days of Zhulkari week be mailed out a copy of Arachnaean Weaver.

Had I known it was as easy as making a request. I would of done that from the start. Glad we got that settled.

PS… If it’s necessary to arbitrarily date this request let’s say I made it 2.5 months ago. Thank you in advance.


That’s called lying by omission (if intentionally done).

It baffles me that you (=the devs) admit not having given out the correct information but still blame the players and refuse to make it right.

Discounted crafting is not making it right.


Does anyone know what the reference is to this? wasn’t it 4 years ago on the last mention?

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It has been made very clear everywhere that new mythics will be the only mythic available in glory, gem, guild and vip chests and it clearly states that in an article written by Cyrup a dev on the Gems of War helpdesk but event chests work differently from all other chests and it doesn’t state anywhere help desk article, in game news, offical news post or on the forum that it will also be the only mythic in event chests if the new mythic is part of the weekly kingdom.

If it was meant to be the only mythic available in event chests the article should say If the newly released mythic is part of the event kingdom then it will also be the only mythic available in event chests during it’s exclusive period. Saying that only mythics belonging to the event kingdom for that week can be earned while saying that newly released mythic can also be earnt from event chests does not state or even imply that other kingdom mythics will not be available in event chests for part of the week.

I have been playing this game for over 5 years and from what I know and have read I was under the impression that event chests work differently from all other chests and that newly released mythics would be added to events chests along side other kingdom mythics.

People were talking here about the new mythic and event chests and even tagged you but you ignored them when you could have easily have cleared all this up.

You (the devs) have made a mistake and either removed AW from events chests when it wasn’t meant to be or have just not told anyone that AW wouldn’t be available.

Please do the right thing and refund people the keys they wasted trying for a mythic that everyone thought should be available and has NEVER be stated anywhere that is wasn’t.


Hi @Kafka, please consider the following response to your comment on the PQ3 forums.

Most months, when we release a mythic troop, it cannot be in that chest, but in this case the Mythic Troop & the weekly kingdom chest lined up. This did not specifically get called out in a our standard news post - but in all fairness it did not NOT get called out either… in other words, we never gave confirmation that it WAS or WAS NOT in those chests. (emphasis mine)

Even if this is correct, it simply shifts the underlying issue from miscommunication to lack of communication, which is not much better. In fact, there is circumstantial evidence in-game and direct evidence from a support article to suggest that AW would indeed be available in event chests. I quote, from the support article,

Event Chests - Only Mythics belonging to the Event Kingdom for that week can be earned (If the newly released Mythic is part of the Event Kingdom then it can also be earned from Event Chests). (emphasis mine)

This article was last updated two years ago, after the purported change to mythic exclusivity in event chests.

Ultimately, however, it doesn’t matter whether the issue is one of miscommunication or lack of communication. What does matter, and what is incontrovertible, is that a significant number of players was misled by inadequate communication and attempted to pull AW from event chests between Monday and Thursday when it was not available.

As you state,

If we had made a mistake and misled anybody we would certainly give a refund. We almost always do, and if it’s not possible to refund we will compensate in some other way

and I believe these are sufficient grounds to warrant a refund or compensation. It has been suggested that this take the form of a soulforge recipe that consumes one copy of Archproxy Yvendra and generates one copy of Arachnaean Weaver instead, a low-cost, low-effort-to-implement solution that would put things to rights. Isn’t player goodwill worth this much?

Setting this issue aside, I am shocked and disheartened by the lackluster response to this issue so far.

  • As yet, no changes have been made to the offending support article that directly suggests that Arachnaean Weaver would have been available from event chests.
  • The official resolution to the issue was posted as a regular comment in a hundred-plus-comment-long thread, instead of as a thread or website post.
  • There is no in-game mention of the planned solution, that Weaver will be available in the soulforge for the next week at a reduced price.
  • Your reply on the PQ3 forums, in which you summarize the issue and the official viewpoint, contains important and relevant information that was not communicated on the GoW forums at all.

In other words, the official response highlights and exacerbates the underlying issue of misleading communication that was the root cause of this problem in the first place! GoW can surely do better—for instance, the recent Potions of Power bug was quickly resolved and generous compensation sent out to affected parties.

Please make this right. Please make GoW a game I want to support.


…lest the facts end up helping some PQ3 customers be aware of how things work…

Notice how the official statement about the new mythic ALSO being in event chests in addition to other Mythics from that Kingdom is consistently being dodged… because, as we must all know by now, IP2 did not ‘make a mistake’…
:roll_eyes: :man_facepalming: :vulcan_salute:

PS: has anyone ever been told that they will ALSO get a bonus at the end of the year, only to find out that it meant they would not be getting their salary that month, just the bonus?


Just wanted to point out this edit in the OP. When was this edit made? If it was done after it was applicable in-game, why?


How do we find out what troops are in chests at any specific time?

Let’s say I’m browsing my unowned cards and come across Leonis Tower. How will I know from ingame information that Leonis Tower isn’t obtainable from event keys when Leonis is the featured kingdom? What’s stopping someone chasing the tower in futility?

Contents of the chest loot tables have to be more transparent in the future.

The boss troops get away with it being a different rarity and boss not listed on the chest pull chances. But then there’s no soulforge level that can craft bosses heh.


The very simple solution to make everything clear and avoid mistakes would be to have a list of everything in event keys when you click on the question mark on the event keys page next to the pretty useless drop rates.


Whomever made the title at least tried to warn us.

(A definition of Spin)

Too bad they were too powerless too stop the gotcha mechanic from being utilized or were too muzzled from actually warning with real words than a cryptic phrase us ahead of time.

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Yup, but in all chests.

They do it with the summoning stones.

They do it with traitstones, I click a traitstones and it tells me every kingdom it can drop from, I should be able to click a troop and see what chests it’s available in right now.
I mean that’s even a push to the shop. I click a troop I want and the game should be screaming at me to “buy this chest, they are in here!!!”


“notified all players” how, exactly? a comment buried deep in an existing thread here does not reach all players.

“highly discounted” is highly debatable.

“for a couple of weeks” is straight-up not true: the announcement says the special recipe will be available from the 18th to the 25th. That’s one week.


Would be nice if IP2 learn to apologize for the confusion than trying to create a new rule on the fly. I for one is not interested on AW compensation. @Kafka @Lyrian