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Spiderbait (Weekly Event Post)

Yeah, now throw Queen Titania in there, and watch them all turn to dust in seconds. Unfortunately, no mana generator that way, so “in seconds” might be off a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Widow Queen’s mass web effect will be brutal on Guild war and PvP if your team’s spell is based solely on magic stat with no built-in boost ratio. There will be only <10 damage per spell for that, making the game extremely slow with no mass skull or cleansing to fix it. The only thing brutal than this is silence on 4,5 gem matchs. (Bard class before released)

With that much limitation, I’m excited to get her and set her on defense at War. Muahaha!!

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Thankfully there are so many workarounds for that(you casually mentioned 3 already) that it won’t ever be problematic.
That silence trait on the other hand would have been insanely idiotic.

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*frantically checking “cleanse all” troops’ colors*

… well every color has at least one. Though Brown technically has 1/3 of one.

I’m not expecting Widow Queen’s 3rd trait to be great on defense. I expect the AI to use her to blow herself up for her spell before it can be a major threat.


Cool stuff…

Spring Imp is transgendered? Either someone needs to pay for his surgery or the devs need to learn to use correct pronouns for her. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh well, totally overlook her sacrifice spell. That stuff is always terrible. AI is so clueless about how and when to use it. That why Prices Elspeth will never work on defense.

But her sacrifice results in AoE. If she choose anyone except herself, it could work. Still totally unreliable…

Did anyone pull our new legendary from an event chest yet?

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Yes, she’s there. 3-4 guys on Global pulled her (PC).

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I wonder if the troop is available on Xbox. 350 Event chests and only 5 or 6 Webspinners!
Now I have 46 Webspinners…this game is a joke.


Xbox One:

Took 150 event keys to pull 1 Widow Queen.

Pulled up to 250 and still only had the 1 (and 5 Webspinners).
Only gave 11 of 16 Tomb Spiders to go with it.

Had a guild mate need 250 event keys to get one.

Something doesn’t feel right about this drop pool.

It wouldnt surprise me if the drop rate is deliberately lower than Webspinner. Any ways to sweep our resources is good.

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5:1 boost ratio makes her quite aweful considering the opportunity cost of having one of your troops being replaced by a random meh troop for each cast. Especially compared to other more recent AoE troops she is very weak. Don’t waste too many keys on that.


120 gem keys and yes her damage is subpar…

I got one, she’s there.

Was about to say the same about the 5:1 ratio, that’s fairly useless. Damage equivalent to any other AOE troop, sacrifice a troop, summon a random troop…? Why would you bother?

I thought it’d be at least 3:1, though 2:1 seems like it’d be OP.

I spend my event keys one by one now. Got her in 4.


I was about to go here again and ask as well, as there is no screenshot confirmed it yet as it usually is. But I figured I choose try a few keys first. To my surprise, I got her on my 3rd event keys! ^^

So she is definitely there on Andriod. Can’t confirm about other platforms.

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I thought I’ve seen Widow queen spell ratio at 3:1 on Transworld.com.

5:1 is pure garbage unless you go infinite loop with double troll and loyalty or lady anarielle or something like that. But that makes the match take forever.

Not sure about pure garbage. 25 damage all enemies + web random enemy on 4 match. Not the best Legendary ever but certainly not the worst.