Spell type idea: Hypnotize

Here is my idea:

New spell type Hypnotize:
Ex: Hypnotize the last Troop and explode 2 gems
Or Hypnotize a random Troop and give it +5 attack
Etc… Etc…

Effect: An Hypnotized Troop leaves your opponent side and comes over to fight for you. The spell fails if there is no room on your team, or if it’s the opponent’s last Troop. The Troop has a 10% chance to recover each turn and go back to it’s initial side. At that point if there is no room on the opponent team, the Troop is destroyed. Cannot be cast on a Troop that is already hypnotized.

So, basically, you steal a troop for a few turns. It sounds powerful, but is very restricted: you need to have room on your team, and the opponent needs to have more than one troop. Also, once on your team, you are kinda screwed from using group-cleansing. Also, if you buff it, it will eventually go back to the opponent.

Still, there is a lot of combo to be done, with sacrificing and all.

Ideas or Comments?


I think this would be way to complicated to implement.


Yeah, i can see the potential bugs.
Troop like the already buggy Kerberos could be nightmare to code. Who gets the Warg!? :smile:

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I like the idea but what happens if the rest of opponents team dies while hypnotized troop is still on your side?

Hopefully you have Elspeth…

Then you win.


Let me hypnotize enemy famine when it’s full Mana :smiling_imp:

IF, and thats a big if, they add this to the game here is a suggestion for team
(hypnotizing troop)/troop that changes gems to first troops color/sacrafice(purple guild guardian)

just steal their troop sacrafice it and repeat lol

i honestly feel if they add hypnotize then it would prob be 50% chance for hypnotized troop to attack its own team


I love this idea but it might be too complex to code. A simpler effect could be something like Confused: troop has a 50% chance to hit random ally on skull dmg instead of opponent.

Edit: lol posted this and then saw @thebuck2613’s post above! Great minds… :wink:

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