Spell text not legible any more in 7.0

Please get rid of the colourful background under spell text. Give back the white we had before. Please compare the legibility and clarity of the old version (ignore the pitchfork, that was the only screenshot I could find quickly):

With the new version (most problematic on red and purple background):

This is not legible without squinting. Please. Please. Please.


Purple on purple is a very nasty combination.
I’d like to add however, that due to the much darker shade, every card becomes more straining on the eyes, and multicoloured ones are, to me, the worst offenders. Reading spells/traits is physically uncomfortable by now.

(P.S.: Please don’t tell the devs, but the pet cards still have regular backgrounds.)


No one can tell me that the rainbow barf makes it easier for new players to understand the game mechanics.

The boarders are okay but the rainbow background is not. It’s physically painful.


Definitely agree. This is an easy fix the devs could make, and still keep their shiny new gradients on other things. The gradients behind text makes one head hurt.