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Spell or Trait Idea

An ability or Trait (probably Legendary) where it hits ALL copies of the same Troop on the opponent’s team.

This was in another game with 10-Troop teams. They gave this ability to ONE card and nobody used more than two copies ever again.


They need this so badly in this game.

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I’m running two Molochs on my team, so… NO!
Just kidding, its up to the devs to decide.
Seems like a nice idea In their and as far as the spell effect is not devour or silence, I’m ok with it.
Maybe Chain Lightning spell on a Storm wisp troop?

It was called Chainstrike and it absolutely tore apart teams that used 4+ copies. It was made to counter the ability to change Traits (a recent thread here was made on this topic) and everyone used multiple copies of a certain OP combo.

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I say make it Legendary and a Trait. Would limit it’s availability and make it cost 16 Arcanes.

I envision it as another Angel (Mercy, Valor) and it being Yellow/Green from Divinion Fields.

If it is a legendary trait, this could go to Kerberus. It would be PERFECT for him.
His spell remaines unchanged, he has three heads, so it makes sense, and his legendary trait sucks.
Would this be ok with you, since you started this convo in the first place? I don’t want to hijack your idea. :slight_smile:

To tie this in with some of the ideas I put forth yesterday, I’d make it dependent on card rarity.

If you want to have 4 skeletons, or 4 peasants, or 4 satyr’s, fine.

However, treat legendary and mythic cards as the special cards they are - 1 per deck, period.

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But… my two Molochs! Is nothing sacred to you!