Speed up pop ups! Yes it is a complete sentence

For gods’ sake, can I get a button to speed up all the pop-ups?
I don’t need every single item I received in mail to flash into my eyes, I have already seen it in the mail!
And I definitely don’t care to wait before all the tributes are counted, simple list and bye, please!
This humble paying customer kindly requests not to be tortured.


There is. Little arrow in the bottom right.


While we’re asking, lets do away with all the thumbnails of the troops when we open chests, those take extra time to load on a slow connection and make opening chests really tedious.

Now show me the arrow on the tribute screen! Can you? (No you cannot, just so you know.)

But it’s actually a good idea, at least to put the arrow on the tributes and the pvp popups. I’d like some “poof!” a nice informative tab that’s not just annoying, but the arrow is doable.

I would love a fast forward button during the game itself, for example when the AI is taking longer then 30 seconds to do it’s thing…

I would be happy if I could then just hit a double speed button, so that I don’t have to wait another 2 minutes for him to be done with his move.

My wife is now actually knitting at the PC when the AI is doing it’s thing… lol!

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yeah, this would be so great i probably wouldnt even be mad if it was costing $…

some animations are just too slow :stuck_out_tongue: