Special Event: Get Double Souls This Weekend!

Get DOUBLE SOULS this weekend, and learn about a strange and mysterious Australian sport! >> http://bit.ly/1RjdT5T


Does that doubleness stack with Celestial Armour? :stuck_out_tongue:

/end greedy greediness

I don’t recall participating in a double soul event before.

Could you give more detail on what the bonus applies to? Specifically, will Arena, troop disenchantment, glory rewards, kingdom bonuses, guild tasks, and Treasure Hunting all award double souls? Or, is it only applied to matches?

edit: I read the first sentence in the link… “This weekend, score double the souls for Battles and Arena rewards!” I do believe Treasure Hunting at least could be included for those that play it.

When does it start? 11AM Saturday EST?

Probably the normal update time as always. Just no idea what that is for you. For me, at CET+1, that works out around 18:00 :smile:

Thanks for the double souls weekend!
Australan rules football is a cool sport to watch! unfortunally i won’t be able to watch the game (legally) in europe. But there are otherways in this day and age. :wink:

For me weekends usually start Fridays at 5pm, so that would be almost around now in Melbourne, haha!

You’ll get double souls in:

  • The Arena (yes, that’s 800 for 8 wins)
  • Regular Battles (2 souls per enemy killed, rather than one, boosted by armor, and calculated AFTER the 40 souls limit)
  • The Treasure Hunting mini game

It will be starting about 5 hours after I make this post… the regular event change-over time, and will run until our next event starts next week!


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To enhance the confusion: so wearing a Celestial armor will double the Arena reward, giving 1600 souls? Or is this more like as if everyone is wearing the Celestial costume? :slight_smile:

That is what I was wondering. Will try it either way :slight_smile:

Yes, Celestial Armor will indeed give 1600 souls for the arena.


that’s cool!!!

And I wonder about:

  1. Valkyrie, I suppose she’ll be giving 8 souls per cast ( lvl maxed, default magic)
  2. Soul cap. I hope it gets increased up to 160 souls per battle (in Celestial)

edit: I can confirm both:

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