Sparkinator battle

Platform, device version and operating system:
Windows 10 x64
Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I expect, um, Sparkinator?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Just seen it the first time (it’s about sixths battle with the Sparkinator, and previous battles was allright)

Steps to make it happen again

  • Enter Sparkinator battle.
  • See no any Sparkinator.
  • Get Sparkinator reward anyway.

clearly it was in disguise.

Not the first time. Back when Switch was finishing up the Moon Flask campaign, my first encounter with “Hatir Ascendant” actually contained no Hatir Ascendant whatsoever (it was instead the Werewolf enemy team). It, too, only happened once…

This has been happening for a long time now, much more so recently. Troop shown on event/map screen isn’t actually in the AI team.

I believe it still awards the correct drops for the battle regardless of this?

Restarting the game always seems to put the correct troop in the team too.

No but actually yes?

Back in my case (prior post):

  • Event map showed “Hatir Ascendant Lv.10” (Mythic)
  • Actually faced a Lv.10 Werewolf team
  • Victory screen credited it as “Werewolf Lv.10” but also awarded “8” Energy (Werewolf team normally awards 4)
  • Werewolf team (proper) was otherwise at Lv.118

I thought I had taken more screenshots, but here’s the only one I can find right now:

Example screenshot

So you got the 8 energy (80 points) that the Hatir Ascendant team should have dropped. Despite facing a team without that troop in it.

Level of battle didn’t affect scoring in that event.