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Spark grinder buff

Sparkgrinder used to have the theme of upgrading everything but mostly upgrading machines more than armour on heroes and beasts. He wasn’t a good blacksmith but he was great at upgrading machines and structures. He made fortress gate something to fear which is saying a lot for killing something by opening the door. At first when he changed i thought they did away with constructs but then i saw that there are still constructs. So can Sparkgrinder do both 2x boost on mechs and constructs? It would go with his theme of upgrading specifically machines and constructed living things such as robots of some sort.

Sadly, this is probably another one of the fun things that got hit in the crossfire from all the 2.0.1 changes, I’m guessing because it didn’t fit thematically (or who knows, maybe it was considered OP, it is an impervious common with huge life and armor to start with). Hopefully it means we’ll both more Mechs and Constructs in the future. Or maybe knock off Sparkgrinder can be given a Construct buff conditional now, considering he is a smith… of sorts.

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