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Sound Mute Button

I’m pretty sure very few people have an issue with this, but I feel like it would be really convenient if this game was to add a master mute button that will mute all sound from the game while preserving current volume fields. I like to keep the two volume fields at a specific level. Whenever I want the game muted, I either have to move both of them down to 0 or go into the volume mixer and disable all sound from GoW. Moving it 0 makes me have to readjust them afterwards. The volume mixer disable preserves the volume ranges, but takes longer since it has to be done externally to the game. Mobile could use this too if they have sound on and need to quickly turn it off to be discrete about the fact that they are playing GoW. :wink:

I think mobile already has this option. Note the two leftmost options.

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Does mobile not have sliding bars for volume adjustment? PC has 2 settings - one for sound effects and the other for music. Mobile just seems to have an on/off button for the two.

Okay, so you want both a slider and a master button.

Mobile only has the master button, as you pointed out, because (for iOS at least) I don’t think it is possible for apps to have different volume settings. If you have a sound slider, it does exactly the same thing as using the buttons on the side of the phone. So why take up UI space with a slider when there is hardware to do exactly the same thing – and quite close by, given the typical phone’s size?

Edit: disregard. What you’re describing surely seems possible.

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Correct. No sliders for mobile