Sound keeps cutting out when playing

when clearing the board of lots of gems the sound sometimes cuts out completely and requires me to restart the game to get it to work again

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Time to replace your blown speaker i guess,

I play with the sound off :slight_smile:

as do i. I do not play video games with sound on.

We’ve seen a few reports of audio weirdness since the update, so you’re not alone. I’ve let the devs know about this problem and we’re looking into it.

In the meantime, can you offer any more details on when the audio cuts out? If you can capture a video, that would be fantastic, but if not, can you describe exactly when and how the issue occurs?

Have the same, glad you guys know about it, already wondered if it was my television set but it only happened in the game, first some soundfx stop working such as making gemcombinations etc, then the music starts dropping in volume and beforelong everything is just off or so silent that it cant be heard anylonger. I forgot videoing it but if it happens again ill post it here.

I have the same exact problem on the PS4 version. I will take audio issues over hard crashes any day however. Finally I can use eternal flame w/o fear of crashing the game.

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seems like when there is multiple sets of skulls being matched it causes some crackling sound then it cuts out also i noticed getting multiple mana surges causes the announcers voice to get really loud

And is this every time you match multiple sets of skulls, or does it only occur occasionally?

one weird thing I’ve had i think since jan. at least is frequently if i press options in a fight (habit from pausing other games) it sets both volumes to 0 on it’s own.

i would say occasionally

Hm. That will make it harder to nail down, but that’s good information. If you come up with further details, please leave them here. The devs are keeping an eye on this thread as we work to find a solution for this issue.

i dunno the “pause” thing happens sometimes and sometimes not… no pattern I can discern.

I play on the ps4 and it cuts out after a few hours of play. This Isn’t my first unity game and the a couple of them do the samething after hours of play,however I play those games on a pc and there you can whenever the sound cuts there appears to be a pretty substantial memory leak. If you continue playing on the ps4 after the sound cuts out the game will start lagging pretty badly to the point the game wil freeze and I am forced to kill it and reload.

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You have thrown a whole lot of extraneous information into this message, which makes it hard to use as a data point. It’s important to keep your bug reports separate from your speculations about cause. Please & Thank You.

Both my roommate and I have experienced this as well, just had this happen to us both an hour ago in fact.

It seems to happened after an extended amount of playtime (30 mins - an hour in) and after a big event where multiple events trigger at once (multiple ‘Extra Turns/Mana Surges’ trigger at once), although I’ve had it just randomly happen as well.

Hello @Nex and @Mr.Strange. Revisiting this since I just had this happen too. Hit the Share button to save the clip (currently uploading so you can see what happened).

Everything was fine for awhile (as you will be able to see at the start of the clip), but by the end (specifically the last match), all the voices and a few other sounds were muted out so no “Ha ha ha ha” from Valkyrie as she changes the board or snarl from the Bat as he’s about to have lunch.

Side note, even when things were working, the grunt from Herdmaster was muted too (though just him in this case). This was something I had noticed for awhile, that he and Moloch were muted whenever I used their spell even if everything else was fine. I had forgotten to mention it earlier except I stopped using that team much post last update. But at least it was captured too so you can see what I mean.

Will update once the video is uploaded. Thanks.

It’s still processing, but this is the link if you need it:

We’ve fixed a number of bugs where the number of animations was building up over time. Hopefully in the next patch this is fixed for you. Report back to us once it goes live!

Unsure if this is the right place to state it but I have no sound at all when playing GOW, it works just fine for any other source. Strangely it works through my PC speakers but not through my headphones. it worked just fine the first couple of times I played but hasn’t worked since then.