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Soulforge is useless

I often thinking about why is soulforge in the game actually when l can not get enough resource for forging anything in it. I could forge only two weapons in it during my membership which is one or 2 years long already. I think it needs a chage. It is senseless as it is.

If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.


Are you doing the 3 daily Dungeon battles? and spending the gems to buy the daily Dungeon offer?


Do your 3 daily dungeon battles. Convert 50 gems per day into diamonds (~20 per day mon-sat; ~85 on Sundays). Be in a guild with 25-30 other active players and get 180 per week from guild tasks. Participate in world events and individual events for another 100-200 per week. Most active players are getting 4000 diamonds every 8-10 weeks. If you’re getting less than that, you’re missing out on something easy.


I agree, the soulforge in it’s current stage it trash…we should have WAY More options to craft.

While I wouldn’t call it useless, a good majority of the Soulforge is less than useful. I would also consider a majority of the weapon crafting way too overpriced for the level range that could use the help the most.

Of course I can afford everything easily now, but none of the crafts mean a thing to me.

If Gems of War ever needed a catch up mechanic, this is a good place to fix up.


As you have been playing from one to two years, you probably have all your kingdoms at level 10.

With that, collecting your tributes a few times a day will net you the 50 gems needed to buy the Dungeon Daily Offer.

Buy doing that every day, you would have netted 440 diamonds at the end of the week if your guild cannot get any basic tasks to level 11.

If your guild can get all basic tasks to level 11, you would get in total 620 diamonds per week.

As Maise asked: Are you doing your Daily Dungeons and buying its Daily Offer? = 440 diamonds / week.
I will add here: Is your guild able to get all Basic Tasks to level 11? = 180 diamonds /week.

The weekly events also grant a few diamonds.

I think you can forge a mythic troop each 6-7 weeks (4k diamonds).

Regular weapons need 75, 200 or 300 diamonds, while Doomed weapons need 900 diamonds.

Other weapons don’t need diamonds. They need 50 gems or 200 in the case of Dawnbringer and Duskbringer.

If you are in need of the jewels, the Daily Dungeon Battles provide 100 each day (different colors each day), plus another 100 if you buy the Daily Offer, for a total of 200 jewels every day.

Although I do not recommend it, you can also forge color jewels in the Soulforge, if a weapon you are really looking for is available and you are short on a certain jewel.
You can also get 140 jewels in each kingdom, on explore challenge tier 8. It is only once per kingdom, but they add up a bit.

Weapons need 300, 400, 600 or 2.2k (Doomed weapons) jewels to craft. That can take 1.5 to 3 weeks for regular ones, and 11 weeks for Doomed ones, depending of the weapon.

Several of the craftable weapons can be bought during events too, which is the best option, since you won’t need to wait for it to get on rotation.

I am really not sure why you are having trouble crafting weapons or troops in the Soulforge.


Agree with all what you’ve written there plus one thing I’d wanted to add:

Best source of Jewels are… pet baskets from pet events… so don’t miss any pet event your guild spawns even if you got such pet @ mythic already…