Soul Harvest

Is the chance for this battlecrasher to appear equal between PVP and Explore?

Does any level of Explore have the same chance as any other, or does the appearance rate increase with difficulty?


This seems fun! I know I’m not alone in assuming there will be some frustrating bug along with it, but I’m excited to play this, and this tarot card looks like it will be pretty easy to get compared to the other ones


Lets get the 2 MOST important questions out of the way and answered BEFORE this comes up in game.

1 - Does crafting Trick & Treat CONSUME the 5 copies of The Devil or just REQURE them similar to Heart of RAge?

2 - If some lucky/poor soul manages to get 6 copies of the Devil and ascends it to 1 copy of Mythic before making the weapon, are they then counted as having 1 or 6 copies for purposes of Crafting Trick & Treat?

Getting these answered BEFORE the event starts would be a good start on the better communication route.


lots of critical questions here, i hope @Jeto or other devs will answer them all :smiley:

Beta tester here.

Just like crafting any troop/weapon in the Soul Forge, it will not consume troops used as a crafting component.

I would absolutely NOT ascend The Devil until after you have crafted the mythic weapon out of caution. That said, the official post says multiple Battlecrashers show up each day, diminishing in frequency as battles are fought until the next day’s reset. Assuming the player is diligent and gets two copies a day, that ends up being 14 copies for the week, more than enough to craft the weapon and ascend The Devil. Similarly, it’s stated in the post that The Devil will appear in The Vault drop tables a few weeks after the Battlecrasher event is over, so more copies can be gotten later as well.

EDIT: But I’d still prioritize crafting the weapon first before ascending just as a good practice.


According to Sirrian they aren’t able to have recipes consume troops. This is baciscally an official answer from the devs.

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Thanks @ctenn2ls : could you or any other beta tester clarify whether the Devil drops 100% of the time from Flesh Horror, or some other percentage? Any estimates?
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And what is the percentage of the battle crasher? And why do we get up to 2 (?) devils a day??

2 a day? What ? What info am I missing? Why can’t I get 5 a day?

I assume it just gets a lot rarer, so stopping at 2 is a decent way get it done in a few days. Not a beta tester, though.

Explore 12

Happy Hunting, Y’all!

EDIT to say I’ve encountered 3 Keepers of Souls since — who knows what the relative occurrence rates are for these guys :joy:

EDIT 2 to say it was 5 Keepers before getting my second one, this time in PVP.

Half hour for the first two makes me pretty happy, and the weapon’s crafting recipe seems well within reach for most, so very pleased overall so far! :smiley:

(Necessary caveat of course that I still think the Event Chest debacle with Arachnean Weaver was handled very poorly, and that it’s still not too late to make things right for those affected)


Didn’t see any battle crashers on Android the past 26 minutes. Then got this prompt.

So far so good folks. :roll_eyes:

Magically a battle crasher appears the first match after I restarted the game.


Another beta tester.
As far as I saw Flesh Horror only drops the card, nothing else.


Got 2 copies of the devil in 5 minutes exploring. Not seen any since after about half an hour or so.


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Undisclosed cap of 2 copies each day is Canon for the Arachnaean Weaver company advertising the troop as just “increasingly rare”.

Does Australia have zero casinos or any sort of gambling to teach the general population how important advertised odds of winning something are?


I miss the days when Sirrian would explain new things clearly. Now it’s just vague instructions and it’s up to us to figure out exactly how things work.


I’m also stuck at 2, which I got in 5-10 minutes.

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Australia be like

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Who cares about loot crate odds when real life is like this?

But in all seriousness, published loot crate odds should be a thing